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News and Events

There are some amazing opportunities to learn about the most recent Ed tech developments around St. Louis.  Please see the links below for events hosted at CEET and those around town that are worth a visit.

CEET-hosted/sponsored events

Spring 2015 Workshop Schedule  -Sessions and workshops open to Fontbonne University faculty, staff, and students.

Fall Institute of Technology for Innovation in Education  Our flagship event is a combination of exceptional speakers, breakout sessions, interactive workshops, and hands-on time with the CEET technologies.  This year's materials and presenter/mentor information can be found below:

Fall Institute 2014

Fall Institute 2015 scheduled for Saturday, October 24!

Archives of past institutes:

Fall 2013

Fall 2012


Ed Tech Week! Join us on campus for a variety of learning experiences, contests, and speakers related to educational technology.  Spring 2015

Summer Research Program for Educational Innovation:  This program will explore the most innovative and insightful practices used in national and international schools today through a series of research projects, field work, and mentorship with top-rated faculty, developers, and classroom teachers.  Coming Summer 2016.

Other Fontbonne events

Fontbonne Robotics summer course:  This 8-week summer program designed for teachers will explore modern robotics and educational strategies for incorporating these concepts into your classroom.  Best of all?  It's only $300!! (Yep, three graduate credits for only $300)

Local events

Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference  This 2-day event held on the UMSL campus provides excellent professional development opportunities for faculty in higher education settings.  Thursday-Friday, November 12 & 13.

EdcampSTL express:  Enjoy Edcamp in February?  Edcamp Express is a short Edcamp event on a weeknight or morning.  It brings small groups of people together to dialogue on best practice in the unconference format that makes Edcamp so popular!  

TEDx Gateway Arch  Several events scheduled for 2015 focus on the connection betwen technology, entertainment, and design in the St. Louis area. 

TEDx St. Louis  Several events scheduled for 2015 focus on the connection betwen technology, entertainment, and design in the St. Louis area. TEDx Women is scheduled for Thursday, May 28.  

Edcamp Magic: Do you love the Edcamp model of professional learning?  Are you amazed by the innovation and creativity Walt Disney World exemplifies?  Have you dreamed of a combination of the two?  Well, so have we and we are planning the first annual Edcamp Magic!  Saturday, June 6

Edcamp Leadership  This is a FREE unconference format is designed for classroom teachers, administrators, parents, community members...ANYONE interested in helping to improve education.  Monday, July 13

Upcoming Events

Several events around campus will benefit technology purchases for specific departments in CEET.  Please check back for topics/dates/times to support Fontbonne students in their effort to learn technology relevant to their field of study.



CEET wins Wells Fargo community grant!  $5000 for general operating expenses was awarded to the CEET to expand our resources and staff for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Check back to the resources page to see what new technology was purchased!

CEET Director wins Blackboard Catalyst Award

Amy Peach, Director of Instructional Technology and Adjunct Faculty, won the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Design in 2014 for her design work in EDU 234 (Philosophical Foundations of Education).  This course is mastery-based and requires a high skill level in the basics before students can progress to more challenging tasks.  The course was cited for its innovative use of adaptive release and non-linear teaching methods designed to provide highly individualized support for all students.