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CEET activities/lessons

Every discipline has seen rapid developments in technology use in the last decade.  If you would like to incorporate some new tools into your course, but are unsure how to do so, check the CEET learning repository in Blackboard for lessons.  These activities incorporate the technology available in the center or those that can be supported by its staff.  You can download these lessons directly into your course and modify them from there to suit your course objectives.

Some examples include:

  • Math practice (apps for all levels of college math)
  • Sports management technology (vision training apps, gopro cameras for practice)
  • Apps for the K-12 classroom (Ed/Sped students-organized by certification area)
  • Cost/Benefit analysis for classroom technology purchases
  • Architecture and Interior Design practice
  • Research apps (all subject areas)

To gain access to the repository, please contact Amy Peach (apeach@fontbone.edu)