Where am I?


The registrar is the official keeper of the student's academic records. We are located on the second floor of Ryan Hall, and provide the following services for you: materials for class registration, forms to drop/add courses, a complete schedule of course offerings for all semesters.

For course information and class registration for current students, check out GriffinNet.

We also provide application forms for:

  • approval for acceptance into a major
  • changing grade option (e.g., from letter grade to pass/fail)
  • application for degree (must be filed by August 31 for all students who intend to graduate in December and by October 31 for graduation in the following May)

This office will also provide verification for insurance, loan forms,  social security, and  veterans' benefits.
Transcripts, the official records of your University work, are also handled by the us. You must make transcript requests in writing only, at least one week in advance of the time needed. Your signature must be on the request. Telephone requests cannot be honored, and there is a charge for each transcript.
To reach us by telephone, please call 314-889-1421.

The following forms are available for download from the Registrar's Office:

Change of Name/Address

Change Of Academic Advisor 

Change Of Major/Concentration/Minor 

Student's Request-Blue Form 

Request To Withhold Release Of Directory Information 

Student Consent For Disclosure Of Education Records 

Catalog Change Request 

INT 199 Competency Test Form


The following statements relate to Fontbonne University and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment. Please contact the Registrar's Office at (314) 889-1421 with any questions.

Download the FERPA Policy and the FERPA form.