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MAC530 Business Law for Accountants 
Legal issues involving financial accounting, reporting and auditing will be studied. Topics will include securities laws, commercial paper, uniform commercial code, bankruptcy, debtor/creditor relationship, business organizations and selected government regulations.

MAC541 Federal Income Taxation for Business Enterprises
Concepts of federal income tax laws and their applications to business entities. Coverage includes tax strategies and tax reporting of corporations, corporate distributions, partnerships, S corporations and limited liabilities companies.

MAC551 Fraud Examination 
The course will cover all of the major methods employees use to commit occupational fraud. Students will learn how and why occupational fraud is committed, how fraudulent conduct can be deterred and how allegations of fraud should be investigated and resolved. 

MAC553 Advanced Auditing Theory- Dissecting Financial Statements 
This course will teach students how to review, detect and investigate possible financial statement fraud utilizing knowledge learned in the Auditing and Fraud Examination courses.

MAC570 Accounting Information Systems
A study of the flow of accounting information systems with other information systems. The course integrates student knowledge of financial accounting and cost accounting with computerized information systems. Special emphasis will be given to the analysis, design and auditing of computerized accounting information systems.

MAC580 Advanced Financial Management 
Advanced concepts and issues related to corporate financing will be examined. Topics will include the cost of capital, capital budgeting, working capital, cash flow, capital structure and dividend policy.

MAC585 Accounting Internship
A supervised experiential learning course that requires the student to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in their coursework to an actual work environment. This course will require the student to think critically about the application of accounting theories and practices to the workplace. The student is responsible for obtaining the internship, and the instructor must approve the position before registration. This course will include, among other assignments, a comprehensive term paper and a formal presentation. The employer/supervisor will be responsible for submitting a formal evaluation of the student’s performance at the completion of the semester. The student must be employed a minimum of 150 hours during the semester in which he/she is registered for this course.

MAC591 Accounting and Business Strategy – Research and Decisions
This is the capstone course for the Master of Accountancy program. The student will apply accounting theory, research skills and fraud examination knowledge to company financial statements to strategize and make decisions. This course will rely heavily on case studies.

Curriculum is subject to change.