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Master of Science in Nonprofit Management

Required Core: (36 credits)

BUS 561 Business Components Assessment (0 credit)
MGT 502 Organizational Culture and Communication
NPM 510 Marketing and Communications for Nonprofits
NPM 515 Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
NPM 520 Resource Development for Nonprofits (PreReq: May Apply)
NPM 530 Revenue Streams for Nonprofits (PreReq: NPM 515)
NPM 540 The Legal Environment of Nonprofit Organizations
NPM 550 Governance, Leadership and Management for Nonprofits
NPM 560 Strategy, Planning and Program Evaluation for Nonprofits (PreReq: MGT 507 OR NPM 515)
NPM 570 Nonprofit Operations (PreReq: NPM 515)
NPM 580 Applied Nonprofit Management Project (PreReq: NPM 515, 24 hours must be completed in the major, and student must receive Advisor's approval)

*Plus six hours of elective credit hours

Concentrations for Master of Science in Nonprofit Management include Accounting, Management, Multi-disciplinary Health Communication Studies, and Supply Chain Management.