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Master of Business Administration

Preparatory Core: (15 credits)

BUS 203 Micro Economics
BUS 205 Financial Accounting (PreReq: MTH 105)
BUS 207 Managerial Accounting (PreReq: BUS 205)
BUS 343 Business Finance (PreReq: BUS 205)
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (PreReq: MTH 091 and MTH 095)

Required Core: (36 credits)

BUS 561 Business Components Assessment (0 credit)
BUS 565 Business Statistics (PreReq: MTH 115)
BUS 566 Operations Management (PreReq: BUS 565)
BUS 570 Managerial Accounting (PreReq: BUS 207)
BUS 571 Financial Management (PreReq: BUS 343)
BUS 572 Managerial Economics (PreReq: BUS 203; MTH 115)
BUS 575 Seminar in Marketing Management
BUS 580 The Global Business Environment
BUS 586 The Social and Legal Environment of Business
BUS 589 Seminar in Administrative Policy and Strategic Planning (PreReq: Student has completed 24 hours in major and advisor approval. Course is not transferable from other institutions)

*Plus 9 hours of graduate elective credits

Concentrations for Master of Business Administration include Accounting, Apparel Studies, Management, Nonprofit Management, and Supply Chain Management.