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Master of Science in Accounting

Preparatory Core: (21 credits)

MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (PreReq: MTH 091 and MTH 095)
BSA 210/BUS 241 Business Law
ACT 210/BUS 205 Financial Accounting
ACT 220/BUS 207 Managerial Accounting (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)
ECN 210/BUS 202 Macro Economics
ECN 220/BUS 203 Micro Economics
FIN 310/BUS 343 Business Finance (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)

Required Core: (36 credits)

BSA 500/BUS 561 Business Components Assessment (0 credit)
ACT 500/MAC 530 Business Law for Accountants
ACT 510/MAC 520 Financial Accounting and Reporting I
ACT 520/MAC 521 Financial Accounting and Reporting II (PreReq: ACT 510/MAC 521)
ACT 530/MAC 522 Financial Accounting and Reporting III (PreReq: ACT 520/MAC 521)
ACT 540/MAC 560 Advanced Topics in Management Cost Accounting
ACT 550/MAC 540 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals

ACT 555/MAC 541 Federal Income Taxation for Business Enterprises
ACT 560/MAC 550 Auditing (PreReq: ACT 530/MAC 522)
ACT 570/MAC 570 Accounting Information Systems (PreReq: ACT 520/MAC 521)
ACT 580/MAC 580 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACT 630/MAC 591 Accounting & Business Strategy - Research and Decisions
       (PreReq: ACT 520/MAC 521; ACT 560/MAC 550; ACT 580/MAC 580)

ACT 660 Research and Technical Writing in Accounting
       (PreReq: ACT 520/MAC 521, ACT 550/MAC 540, ACT 555/MAC 541 and ACT 560/MAC 550)