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Early Intervention in Deaf Education

NEWS: Fontbonne alums were recognized by the Missouri Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (MACTE) for their excellence in serving children during their first two years of service in school districts across Missouri. Read more!

Early Intervention in Deaf Education - student

For families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, early intervention is the key to a life filled with effective communication and interaction. In Fontbonne’s Early Intervention in Deaf Education program, students focus on educating children and families in the critical early years when listening and spoken language development can lead to increased future growth. 

Fontbonne holds the distinction of offering one of the few early intervention in deaf education programs in the country. Our highly skilled, nationally recognized faculty are dedicated to providing a rigorous curriculum and stress an interdisciplinary approach. We incorporate the principles and best practices from deaf education, early childhood education, speech-language pathology and special education, so you can offer your clients the highest-quality deaf education services. 

Due to mandatory newborn screening for hearing loss and early identification of infants with hearing loss, there is an increased demand for professionals in the field. Our graduates are currently working in intervention programs, educational programs, hospitals, state and federal agencies, private practice groups and home health organizations. 

DID YOU KNOW? The U.S. Department of Education awarded Fontbonne a $1.25 million grant to fund the Early Intervention in Deaf Education master’s program. Full tuition scholarships are available. Applications are typically due by Feb. 1 of each year.

Council on Education of the Deaf

Our program stresses an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating the principles of best practice from deaf education, early childhood education, speech-language pathology and special education. This program emphasizes the development of listening and spoken language.

Deaf Education studentsStudents in the program have access to the Fontbonne University Center for Teacher and Therapist Education, which provides a collaborative setting for preparing professionals in deaf education, speech-language pathology, education and special education and serves as a unique national model for how to prepare a new generation of professionals.

Classes are small. Faculty are nationally recognized, experienced and committed to your success. Many of our faculty continue to work with children and families, sharing their expertise through technological advancements and innovative techniques.

More Clinical Experience

All students in this graduate program receive experience at local institutions such as St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf, Central Institute for the Deaf and The Moog Center for Deaf Education. Many students get additional experience at sites across the country. 

Program Funding

Ten full tuition scholarships will be awarded. Students may also receive a graduate work study stipend for working in deaf education programs. And if you are an educator, you may be eligible for a tuition discount.

To find out more about the Master of Arts in Early Intervention in Deaf Education, email us or call 314.889.1407.

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