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Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

As more individuals are identified with autism, the need for trained professionals to serve them has grown. Fontbonne University now offers a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), a non-degree alternative to the Master of Arts degree in Education with a concentration in ASD. The 15 credit-hour certificate is comprised of the specialized ASD courses (CTE507, CTE508, CTE509, CTE510, and CTE511).

Individuals from the community who seek advanced knowledge in the area of ASD will find this a worthwhile alternative to a full master’s degree. Current graduate students in the departments of Communication Disorders/Deaf Education and Education/Special Education are eligible to enroll in ASD coursework for elective credit, as well as current undergraduate students who might wish to dually enroll for graduate credit. 

Survey results have shown that an ASD certificate is a popular option, and those who hold one contribute a wealth of expertise to the community and service to individuals with autism. Because of the partnership between the Department of Communication Disorders/Deaf Education and the Department of Education/Special Education, Fontbonne is well-positioned in the community as a premier destination for those wishing to serve individuals with special needs.