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Core Course Requirements (11 credit hours)

 EDU 542 Teacher as Leader

EDU 543 Contemporary Issues

EDU 544 Action Research (2 credit hours)

EDU 585 Introduction to Educational Research

Specialty Course Selection: Reading (11 credit hours)

EDU 549 Foundations of Reading Instruction

EDU 553 Assessment and Teaching of students with Reading Disabilities

EDU 583 Practicum-Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties

EDU 584 Practicum-Remediation of Reading Difficulties II

Elective Course Recommendations (minimum of 9 credit hours)

EDU 529 Positive Behavioral Supports

EDU 550 Reading and Writing in the Content Area

EDU 551 Literature-Based Reading for Diverse Learners

EDU 566 Language and Literacy in Children “At Risk”

EDU 591 Educational and Psychological Assessment

EDU 595 Counseling Techniques