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Family & Consumer Sciences

Enrich the well being of individuals, families and communities with the knowledge gained from Fontbonne’s Master of Arts in Family & Consumer Sciences. Our program provides a strong professional knowledge base that enhances skills in advocacy and leadership and allows you to effectively meet the needs of individuals, families and communities in local and global environments.


Child & Family Studies: Strengthen individuals and empower families by giving them access to life’s essentials. Graduates of this program will work in a variety of nonprofit and for-profit agencies that provide resources, financial guidance, health and wellness assistance and social services. This degree can enhance positions such as family advocates, family service providers and social service leadership.

Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies: Develop communications that help people make beneficial, healthy lifestyle changes. Professionals in this area are needed in a variety of nonprofit and for-profit settings in fields such as public relations, technical writing and editing, community health education and health promotion.

In addition, we offer Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) as an alternative for dietetics graduates who have not been matched with a formal internship program. Earn a graduate degree in FCS with a concentration in health communication and reach your goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

Within these concentrations, you’ll learn to use theoretical frameworks in the context of your professional experiences; address human needs intellectually, compassionately and respectfully; advocate for individuals in public and private spaces; and assist colleagues by addressing the need for balance in the workplace.

Our small class sizes encourage meaningful discussion among faculty and students. Guest speakers and off-site community program opportunities help you gain additional real-world experiences. 

Applying Your Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences

Earning a master’s in FCS prepares you for a career in a variety of settings, including for-profit and nonprofit institutions that meet the health, wellness, food, shelter, clothing, financial, employment and literacy needs of those they serve. A diverse course of study for an ever-changing world also prepares you to serve in a variety of capacities. The U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics (2009) notes:

  • The need for qualified professionals to serve individuals and families will rise 19 percent over the next eight years.
  • Continued growth in careers related to health promotion and communication is expected, including an 18 to 26 percent increase in public relations, technical writing/editing and health education.

To find out more about the Master of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences, email us or call 314.863.2220.