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Learning Technologies

From classroom teachers to business professionals, Fontbonne University’s online Master of Science in Learning Technologies will help you find the best and most relevant technology to enhance your lessons, training sessions, seminars and more.

This degree would benefit nurses charged with teaching their co-workers new skills or techniques, CEOs relaying the latest business concepts, classroom teachers seeking to enhance their lesson plans with technology, or IT curriculum specialists within schools or school districts.

An M.S. in Learning Technologies will help you gain the expertise that will make you a more effective teacher or trainer.

What Makes Fontbonne’s Learning Technologies Program Unique?

  • Enjoy small class sizes that are offered exclusively and conveniently online.
  • Receive support and individualized attention you deserve from skilled faculty.
  • Experience project-based classes, which allow you to focus on the most relevant skills for your particular career.
  • Immediately apply your acquired knowledge to your own work setting.
  • Earn one of three possible Certificates:
  • Learn how to code using relevant computer languages.
  • Complete the degree within 33 credit hours offered with 16-week semesters.
  • Earn a degree and/or certificates that are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

If you already have a master’s degree and simply want to hone your skills in terms of integrating technology in your classroom, you can even earn a certificate in learning technologies, rather than earning the entire M.S. degree.

The Graduate Perspective

“This program can be completed entirely online, which was great for me because I was able to maintain my schedule. All of the technology that I learned has improved the quality of my teaching and my students are more engaged. Before my Fontbonne education, I was reluctant to use technology in my classroom. Now I look forward to it.”
- Scott Hingle ’11


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