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Mary Abkemeier, Program Director mary.abkemeier@fontbonne.edu

CED 515

CED 592

Mary has taught at Fontbonne University for 34 years and teaches both undergraduate math classes as well as classes in the Master's Program in Computer Education. She has taught online since 2000. She has received the Fontbonne Excellence in Teaching award two times plus the Outstanding Post-secondary Mathematics Teacher Award from Mathematics Educators of St. Louis.
Cheryl Davis cdavis@fontbonne.edu

CED 551

CED 552

CED 553

CED 565

CED 566

CED 575

CED 595

Cheryl retired from teaching high school English after 30 years in the Hazelwood School District and is currently working part time as the district's Curriculum/Technology Coordinator. She has taught in the Fontbonne University Master's Program in Computer Education since 1993. She has received Excellence in Teaching Awards from both Fontbonne and Hazelwood.
Becky Lopanec rlopanec@fontbonne.edu

CED 507

CED 587

Becky has been teaching at Fontbonne for over 6 years. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri and a Master's degree in Computer Education from Fontbonne University. Becky taught elementary school for 9 years, and 4 years ago, she left her full time elementary teaching as an eMINTS teacher to be able to stay home with her daughter, Julia.
Jim Kessler jkessler@fontbonne.edu CED 570

Jim has been teaching since 1996 in the public school system. He graduated from the MS in CE program in 1999, and he has been teaching part-time at Fontbonne ever since. He teaches courses in the MS in CE and Career Builders programs at Fontbonne.

Stephanie Moore smoore@fontbonne.edu CED 505 Stephanie has been an instructor at Fontbonne University since 2005.  She is currently the Director of Technology and Global Integration for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools (NSHS) where she is the web editor (http://sofie.org) and provides support, resources and professional development in the area of instructional technology and globalization.  The NSHS has 22 schools in the United States and presence in 44 countries.  Prior to her work at NSHS, Stephanie was the Director of Instructional Technology at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School and taught 4th and 5th grade in the public school system.
Steve Nicollerat snicollerat@fontbonne.edu

CED 560

CED 563

CED 565

Steve has taught at Fontbonne for 10 years and has taught at St. Louis University High School in St. Louis for 28 years. He loves to teach programming courses such as Introduction to Java, Introduction to C++, Game Programming and Visual Basic.
Kelly Boehmer kboehmer@fontbonne.edu

CED 515

CED 525

Kelly has taught at Fontbonne University for 4 years teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Computer Applications as well as technology ethics. In addition, she taught 7 years at the elementary level.
JoAnn Mattson jmattson@fontbonne.edu

CED 515

CED 565

CED 568

CED 580

JoAnn has been teaching for 26 years. Throughout these 26 years of teaching, she has taught a variety of subjects to students that range from all grade levels (Grade 1 - Graduate School) JoAnn has been the Technology Coordinator at St. Mary's High School in St. Louis, MO, for 3 years and a technology consultant for the Archdiocese of St. Louis for 8 years. Her specialty is technology integration.