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Program Details

You must successfully complete 33 semester hours of graduate credit to earn a Master of Science in Learning Technologies degree at Fontbonne University.

There are 15 hours in five required core courses (all 3-hours). The following courses are all online:

  • CED 505 Teaching, Technology and Learning Theory
  • CED 507 Instructional Technology Tools for the 21st Century
  • CED 515 Computer Applications for Educators (515 and 565 are prerequisites for all other courses)
  • CED 565 The Internet and Education (515 and 565 are prerequisites for all other courses)
  • CED 595 Curriculum Design and Capstone Portfolio (must be taken during final semester)

Choose six remaining elective courses from the following online courses:

  • CED 525 Legal and Ethical Technology Issues
  • CED 551 Virtual Worlds in Education
  • CED 552 Creating a Presence in a Virtual World
  • CED 553 An Immersive Experience in a Virtual Learning Community
  • CED 560 Current Programming Languages
  • CED 563 Visual Basic
  • CED 566 Web Project Design Principles
  • CED 568 Differentiated Instruction Using Technology
  • CED 570 Emerging Technologies in Education
  • CED 575 Multimedia Productions
  • CED 587 Instructional Design and Technology
  • CED 592 Online Course Design and Teaching

Or you may choose electives from the following courses that are not yet online:

  • CED 510 A Multidimensional View of Computer Education
  • CED 540 Structured Programming for the Educator
  • CED 544 Advanced Placement Programming
  • CED 571 Computer Networks

*Note, at times CED 594, Special Topics in Computer Education, may be offered.

Certificate Requirements

Fontbonne offers three MS in LT certificates. Learn more about their requirements.

Additional Information:

MS Degree in Learning Technologies

You may transfer two graduate level courses (at most) into the program from an accredited degree-granting institution of higher education. Course content must be comparable to the content of a course within the master’s program, and you must have received a grade of B or higher in the course. The course must have been taken within two years prior to admittance into the Master of Science program at Fontbonne. A maximum of two competency tests may be taken as substitutes for some courses before the student completes nine hours of course work. The total number of courses transferred and competency tests taken may not exceed two.