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Requirements & Policies

Following are academic regulations specific to graduate programs. Other academic regulations listed in the academic regulations section in this catalog apply to graduate students as well as to undergraduate students.

Grade Definitions

The following grading scale and definitions are used for graduate programs at Fontbonne University:

  • A       Superior graduate work
  • A-
  • B+
  • B       Satisfactory graduate work
  • B-
  • C       Less than satisfactory graduate work
  • F       Unsatisfactory work; no academic credit
  • P/NP  Pass is defined as a grade of B or better
  • I        Incomplete
  • W      Withdrawal

Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grading Option

The only courses a graduate student may take Pass/No Pass (P/NP) are courses designated as such by the department.

Satisfactory Progress

For satisfactory progress in a graduate program, a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.

To earn a Fontbonne University graduate degree, students must attain a 3.0 final GPA. The following policies apply:

  • A student who initially earns a C in a graduate course will beallowed to continue in the program with the approval of the programdirector. However, the student must eventually balance that C with an Ain order to graduate from the program. A student who initially earns anF in a graduate course may be  dismissed or, with the approval ofthe program director, must retake the course in which the F was earnedand earn a minimum of a B. If the student fails to earn a minimum of a B, the student will be dismissed from the program.
  • A student who earns a second C may be dismissed from the programor, with the approval of the program director and a dean, may retakeone of the two  courses in which the C was earned. The programdirector may set the conditions for retaking the course, includingwhich of the two courses should be repeated.
  • Astudent who initially earned a C in a graduate course and whothen earns an F in a graduate course will be dismissed from theprogram. A student who  initially earned an F in a graduate courseand who earns a second poor grade (C or F) will be dismissed from theprogram.

Note: The policy above speaks to initial grades. Althoughstudents may retake classes for higher grades, application of thepolicy will be based upon initial grades earned.

Full-Time Status

A graduate student who takes a minimum of nine credit hours is considered a full-time graduate student at Fontbonne University.

Hours Taken as an Unclassified Student

A maximum of 12 graduate credit hours, taken as an unclassifiedstudent at Fontbonne, will be allowed to count toward a Fontbonnegraduate degree after the student is  admitted to the graduateprogram.

Any unclassified graduate student who earns a second C or first F ina graduate course will not be allowed to continue to take graduatecourses in the program in which the student has  earned the abovegrades.

Dual Enrollment

A Fontbonne undergraduate student may be eligible to earn graduateacademic credit for graduate level courses only after the studentbecomes dually enrolled. Dual enrollment means that the student isenrolled as an undergraduate student and as an unclassified graduatestudent when enrolled in a graduate course. Enrollment in graduatecourses must be approved by the graduate program director.

A maximum of nine graduate credit hours taken during dual enrollmentmay be applied to the total required for the master’s degree.

Transfer of Credit

Upon admission to Fontbonne, a graduate student may transfer amaximum of six credit hours of graduate courses from an accrediteddegree-granting institution. All courses must have been completed witha minimum grade of B. The student must submit official transcripts of all workcompleted at other accredited institutions before transfer credit maybe awarded. Transfer courses must be comparable in content to Fontbonnecourses. The Fontbonne course replaced by the transfer course will bedetermined by the program director and approved by the departmentchairperson. An additional six (6) hours of transfer credit may beaccepted toward the MFA.

Courses Taken Across Departments within Fontbonne University

A student must receive PRIOR written approval from each of theprogram directors to enroll for a course offered in another department.

Substitution/Waiver of Degree Requirements

A student may apply to the program director for a substitution ofone course for another or for waiver of a specific course where thereis evidence that the requirements for that course have been met. Aprogram director may decide whether to substitute one course for another or waive acourse. The degree modification form, obtained from the registrar’soffice, must be completed and signed by the appropriate director,chairperson, and academic dean. The total number of hours required forcompletion of the degree may not be waived.

Authorization to Study at Another Institution

Once a graduate student has matriculated to Fontbonne, the studentmust receive written program approval to study at another institution.Fontbonne will accept a maximum of six credit hours of graduatetransfer work; deadlines for the receipt of the transcript(s) must bemet
for the student to participate in commencement.

Residency Requirement

Residency requirements may be found under the description of the respective program.

Statute of Limitations

After official acceptance into a degree program, a graduate studentmust complete all the requirements for the graduate degree within sixyears of the date of the first course taken.

Appeal Procedures

Students who are dismissed from a graduate program or from theuniversity may appeal the decision by writing a letter of appeal to theappropriate administrator (dean of business, dean of education, or VicePresident and Dean for Academic Affairs) within thirty calendar days ofbeing
dismissed as indicated by the date on the dismissal letter.

The administrator will present the appeal to the Graduate Academicand Curriculum Committee within seven calendar days of the receipt ofthe letter of appeal for a decision.

Readmission to Fontbonne University

Degree-seeking graduate students who have previously attendedFontbonne University but have not been enrolled for one year must applyfor readmission. A graduate student who has been dismissed for academicdeficiencies may apply for readmission to Fontbonne University after one year. To apply for readmission, candidates mustsubmit an application form and official transcripts from eachaccredited degree-granting college or university attended since leavingFontbonne.
A student re-entering a graduate program must follow the graduaterequirements in the Fontbonne University catalog in effect at the timeof registration.

Granting of Degrees

A graduate student must complete all graduate requirements for thedegree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.Ordinarily, a student may participate in the commencement ceremony (Mayor December) only if all degree requirements and financial obligationsto the university are satisfied.