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Professional Requirements

Degree and Certification Requirements
Graduate students must successfully meet all professional certification requirements as outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  This will entail completing a number of undergraduate courses along with your graduate program.  Two university-supervised field experiences are required and may be completed “on-the-job.”

DESE requires a blended GPA of 2.5 for all courses taken at all colleges and universities and Fontbonne requires a GPA of 2.75 for professional coursework.  You must also complete the capstone project required of all Fontbonne teacher certification candidates, and pass the Praxis II examination in special education.

The professional requirements below include 26 hours of coursework which will be applied to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.  Only two additional courses (6 hours) will be required to complete the master’s degree:  EDU541 Frameworks for Learning (3 hours) and a 3-hour graduate elective.

Professional Requirements for Certification and Graduate Degree

Foundations for Teaching
EDU 120  Psychology of the Exceptional Child (3 hours)
EDU 542 The Teacher as Leader (3 hours)
PSY 200  Developmental Psychology (3 hours)
Specialty Courses
CDS 105  Speech/Language Development of the Normal and Exceptional Child (3 hours)
EDU 500 Classroom/Behavior Management Techniques (3 hours)
EDU 520 Transitions/Career Education (2 hours)
EDU 523 Mild and Moderate Disabilities in Special Education: Identification and Instruction (6 hours)
EDU 592 Assessment of Ability and Achievement (3 hours)
EDU 595 Counseling Techniques (3 hours)
Clinical Experiences
EDU 582 Cross-Categorical Practicum (3 hours)
EDU 465* Special Education Field Experience (8 hours)
*some credit for field experience may be granted based on documented, previous work experience.

Teaching Methods
BIO 370  Teaching Science in Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School (2 hours)
CIS 103  Microcomputer Applications in Education (3 hours)
EDU266  Methods of Teaching Literacy (6 hours)
EDU 306  Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities (3 hours)
EDU 330  Multisensory Methods for the Social Studies Classroom (4 hours)
EDU 355  Analysis and Correction of Math Difficulties (2 hours)
EDU 550 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum  (3 hours)
HES 119  Essential Concepts of Health and Fitness (3 hours)
MTH 350 Methods of Teaching Math (3 hours)