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Behavioral Sciences

The department of Behavioral Sciences at Fontbonne University offers the following major degree programs:

Applied Behavioral Sciences (BA)

Psychology Major (BA)

  • The psychology major embraces all aspects of the human experience - from individual brain functions to the actions of social groups within society. The understanding of behavior and mental life is the scientific enterprise of psychologists. Students use the scientific method to answer questions, design research projects, and collect data that may help improve the human condition.
  • Within this degree, you can also go on to earn a master's degree in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis – all in just five years!
  • Psychology is suited for students who are interested in applying the scientific approach to understand human behavior and cognition. 

In this area of study, students learn essential critical thinking, problem solving, research, and communication skills.

We also offer the following minor programs:

For more information about our faculty in Behavioral Sciences, click on individual faculty members' pages or link to our contact information in the University Directory.