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Course Requirments

Major in Applied Behavioral Sciences

Required Courses (40 credit hours):
PSY 100   Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 200   Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 315   Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
SOC 100   Survey of Sociology (3 credits)                            
SOC 115   Social Problems (3 credits)                                    
SOC/PSY 310   Social Psychology (3 credits)                        

PSY 325   Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3 credits) OR                
PSY 327   Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 credits)                

SOC 265   Diversity Studies (3 credits) OR                            
SOC 355   Sociology of Aging (3 credits)                    

Any-level elective (6 credits)
3XX or 4XX level elective (3 credits)

Capstone Experience:
ABS 3XX   Evaluating Behavioral Research (3 credits) OR
SOC 335   Program Evaluation OR                        
SWK 380   Strategies for Evaluation of Soc Service Programs                    

ABS 4XX   Portfolio Project (1 credit)
Additional Required Courses In Other Departments/Disciplines:
MTH 115   Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)                               

ABS Elective Courses (9 credits required):
Counseling/School/Community Electives:
EDU 120   Psychology of the Exceptional Child     (3 credits)                        
EDU 392   Assessment of Ability and Achievement (3 credits)                    
HES 320   The Science of Gender and Human Health (3 credits)
HES 337   Family Relations(3 credits)                
HES 397   Advocacy in Professional Practice                            
PSY 325   Introduction to Clinical Psychology                            
PSY 391   Testing  and Measurement for the Behavioral Sciences                
HUS XXX   Any HUS course                                    
SWK XXX   Any SWK course                                    

Behavioral Research and Communication Electives:
ABS 293   Special Topics in Applied Behavioral Sciences                        
ABS 490   Independent Study                                
ABS 494   Special Topics in Applied Behavioral Sciences                        
ABS 495   Undergraduate Research                                
COM 220   Nonverbal Communication                                
COM 230   Gender Communication                                
COM 240   Intercultural Communication                            
PSY XXX   Any PSY elective course                            
SOC XXX   Any SOC elective    course                                

Business Leadership Electives:
BUS 230    Management Principles                            
BUS 303    Public Administration/Nonprofit Management                        
BUS 310    Organizational Behavior                            
BUS 331    Human Resource Management                        
BUS 357    Consumer Behavior                                
BUS 471    Leadership: Managing in a Changing Environment                
PSY 327    Industrial/Organizational Psychology