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Chiropractic Partnership with Logan University

Get on the fast track to a DC!

Pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree is a lengthy and challenging process. To maximize your time and enhance your college experience, a dual degree program at Fontbonne University and Logan University gives you the opportunity to earn two degrees (a BS AND a DC!) in six years — one year less than a traditional chiropractic program. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, you’ll have a lifelong career bringing balance and alignment to people’s lives — physically and mentally. You might one day open up your own practice, become a consultant, work in a hospital or wellness center, or work with athletes and sports teams.

How it Works

The 3+3 program allows qualified students to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. You’ll begin your college career at Fontbonne, where you’ll study for three years, taking general education and pre-chiropractic coursework. In your third year at Fontbonne, you’ll apply to Logan, and, upon meeting the necessary requirements, you’ll begin coursework to complete both your bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne in your fourth year and your Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan in your sixth.

The Program and Courses

Students who have completed the first three years of coursework toward a biology degree at Fontbonne, have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25, and have applied to Logan University at least six months prior to the expected date of transfer will automatically be accepted for transfer to Logan. Students who have completed the first three years of coursework toward a biology degree and have a cumulative GPA between 2.75 and 3.25 may apply for transfer but are not guaranteed acceptance into the chiropractic program.  Upon satisfactory completion of the first year of coursework at Logan University, the student will be awarded a bachelor of science degree in biology from Fontbonne University. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne during the fall semester of the student’s first year at Logan. Upon satisfactory completion of the third year of study at Logan University the student would be awarded a doctorate in chiropractic.


After you begin college classes, you’ll receive two degrees in less time than you would earning a traditional Doctor of Chiropractic degree — only six years instead of seven. Additionally, as a dual degree participant enrolled in the 3+3 program, you will enjoy the support, benefits and resources of two respected universities, benefiting from the personalized environment at Fontbonne and the specialized environment at Logan. At Fontbonne, you’ll have an academic advisor knowledgeable about the requirements you need to be accepted to Logan, so when you complete your three years at Fontbonne, you’ll be ready for your next challenge. And both colleges will provide support, advisement and encouragement as you pursue your goals.

Why Fontbonne?

A small school with an 11:1 student to faculty ratio, Fontbonne provides an atmosphere where you can study essential coursework with knowledgeable professors in a personable environment. Our small class sizes, open door policy for students and comprehensive curriculum help ensure that you receive an outstanding education. And you’ll always have a “home base” here. The faculty at Fontbonne serve as supportive advisors and mentors during your application process and after graduation.

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