Where am I?

Dr. Rayhel

Elizabeth Rayhel, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor

I teach the second semester of general biology, cell and molecular biology, evolutionary biology and physiology/kinesiology. My initial research interests were associated with the endocrine and immune systems, however I’ve changed course in the last several years. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Beth Newton, a statistician interested in interaction of prairie plants and their pollinating animal cohorts. I am also very interested in looking at the development of color patterns on butterfly wings. Butterfly wing coloration has implications in several fields of biology including larval development, evolution, animal behavior and ecology, but I am focused more on the pathways used by the pupal animals to generate the color patterns see on the adult wings. It turns out that many of the molecules and pathways used by invertebrates like butterflies give insight into similar pathways used by mammals.

Contact me:

AB313 | 314-889-1445 | email