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Dual Degree in Occupational Therapy

Earn a bachelor's AND a master's in OT in five years!

Fontbonne University will help you make the most of your college career with a degree program offering you the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in either biology or psychology and a master's degree in occupational therapy - all in just five years! Fontbonne has a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis that allows students to earn a graduate degree with only one additional year of study.

Students who have completed the first three years of coursework toward either a biology (BS) or a psychology degree (BA) at Fontbonne and who have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in required prerequisite courses may apply for admission to the Occupational Therapy program at Washington University during their junior year at Fontbonne. Upon satisfactory completion of the first year of coursework at Washington University, the student will be awarded a bachelor of science degree in biology or a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Fontbonne University. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne during the fall semester of the student’s first year at Washington University. At the end of the second year of study at Washington University, the student would qualify for a master of occupational therapy degree from the Washington University School of Medicine.

Requirements for Transfer Admission to WUOT

During the first three years at Fontbonne, you'll complete the courses required by your chosen major (either biology or psychology), as well as six prerequisite classes required by the WUOT program (listed below). In each of these six courses, you must receive a grade of B- or better.

As an applicant to the WUOT program, you must take the GRE general exam, usually during the summer before your junior year. Then, you would apply to the WUOT program during the fall of your junior year.

Prior to application, students must also complete at least 30 hours of work, observation or volunteering in a setting similar to what an occupational therapist would encounter.

Required OT Prerequisite Courses in Psychology for
admission to the 3/2 program in Occupational Therapy:
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)

Required OT Prerequisite Courses in other Disciplines:
MTH 125 Biostatistics (3 credits) (also counts for general education and biology major)
BIO 220 Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 credits) (also counts for biolgoy major)
BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 credits) (also counts for biology major)

What can I do with my degree in occupational therapy?

As an occupational therapist, you'll assist people with disabilities or daily living challenges and help them enjoy full and purposeful lives. You might have a career working in a pediatric hospital, rehabilitation center, nursing facility, home health program or outpatient clinic. Currently, there is great demand for occupational therapists in all fields. The United States Department of Labor anticipates that within the next eight years, the employment of occupational therapists will grow significantly faster than the average for other occupations. This suggests that students beginning their studies now will have numerous job opportunities when they graduate.


Fontbonne professors are knowledgeable and committed to your success. Our small class sizes, open door policy for students and our curriculum help ensure that you receive an outstanding education in your Fontbonne major field. You'll always have a "home base" here. Our faculty members serve as supportive advisors and mentors during your application process and after graduation.

Plus, as a dual degree participant, you reap all the benefits and resources of two universities. You have the same options as any Washington University student, including both local and international internships, committed faculty, research, interactive teaching methods, and graduate and professional joint degrees.

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