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Management and Leadership Major

Regardless of your field of interest or the industry you enter, good management skills are essential to excel, succeed and prosper in today’s business world. Knowledgeable and effective managers are critical to the success of organizations in both the private and public sectors. In today’s difficult economy, companies aim to gain maximum productivity through using their existing resources in the most effective ways. At the center of this business model are ethical managers who know how to plan, organize, lead and advise in any climate or situation.




Why Management and Leadership with Fontbonne?

While management programs at many colleges and universities only teach from the business perspective, Fontbonne University has adopted an interdisciplinary approach. You will study industrial-organizational psychology, negotiating, public and nonprofit organizational administration and more. Courses such as these provide a much deeper understanding of not only management but of people and, therefore, of the business world. You’ll graduate with an understanding that goes beyond basic business principles.

Format: This program can be completed with a combination of daytime or evening classes coupled with online classes. 

What Can I Do With My Degree?

With a bachelor’s degree in management and leadership from Fontbonne, your possibilities upon graduating are very broad. You will be prepared to start working with a small or large company and in any environment whether corporate or nonprofit. Here are just a few samples of jobs you might aspire to: Retail Manager, Office Operations Manager, Manufacturing Plant Manager, Human Resource Manager, Property Manager, Non-Profit Manager, Management Consultant, Hospitality Manager, Administrative Services Manager, and more.

Learn about career opportunities with Fontbonne's management major

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