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Elementary Education Major

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the nation’s schools will need an estimated 2.2 million public school teachers in the next decade to serve growing enrollments of students and to fill a record number of vacancies as the first “baby boomers” begin to retire. Clearly, there’s a need. Are you someone who can answer the call?

You’ve been in school now for several years. You’ve encountered dozens of teachers along the way and perhaps some have even had a major influence in your life. If you aspire to make a similar difference in people’s lives during your career, you may want to explore an education degree at Fontbonne.

Why the Elementary Education Program with Fontbonne?

Our education/special education faculty has years of experience teaching — and being teachers in the field. The well-rounded liberal arts education found at Fontbonne, coupled with the specific expertise provided by the education department, gives students a great foundation to live their dream of being a teacher. In the Center for Teacher and Therapist Education (CTTE), our students learn in a collaborative environment with small class sizes and faculty who emphasize discussion and communication.

Our program offers individual advising and a comprehensive curriculum that includes vast and varied real world experience. You’ll begin working with children in classrooms early in your program — a real distinction at Fontbonne. Our education and special education students complete a variety of practicum assignments with diverse populations at schools throughout the St. Louis area.

We offer a variety of majors including elementary education, middle school and special education. With our small student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll have plenty of interaction with our professors as you explore the variety of certifications and specialties available within those majors. We also offer teacher certification in other areas such as art, biology, deaf education, early childhood, English, family and consumer sciences, fine arts, math, performing arts and social studies.

Fontbonne teacher training programs are recognized and certified by state and national agencies, Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) and The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE),  providing graduates with excellent credentials for entering the teaching profession.

What Can I Do With My Education Degree?

Shape the minds of tomorrow, for one! During your Fontbonne experience, we’ll help you define what you want your teaching experience to be.

Maybe it’s being a special education teacher, or maybe you’re more suited to high school. Or perhaps you want to work with younger children and pursue a certification in early childhood. And if you’re interested in continuing your education, Fontbonne offers a master’s degree in education with several areas of concentration.

Whatever particular type of teaching you choose, you can be confident that your Fontbonne education has prepared you well. Our graduates often comment that the keys to their success are the amount of early involvement in the classroom, the diversity of lessons and the encouragement to think creatively and passionately when it comes to this very important and satisfying career.

Learn about Career Opportunities with Fontbonne's Elementary Education Major

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