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Course Requirements – Middle School Education

Major in Middle School Education

The following specific general education courses must be chosen to meet the requirements for this major:
CIS 103 Microcomputer Applications in Education (3 credits)
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)

Courses Required in the Major:
EDU 122 Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (3 credits)
EDU 201 Introduction to Classroom Teaching-Middle/Secondary (3 credits)
EDU 203 Survey of Learners with Exceptionalities (3 credits)
EDU 223 Introduction to Classroom Assessment (3 credits)
EDU 234 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credits)
EDU 339 Middle School Philosophy, Curriculum, and Instruction (2 credits)
EDU 350 Reading in the Content Area (2 credits)
EDU 360 Reading Methods Practicum—Middle/Secondary (3 credits)
EDU 401 Classroom/Behavior Management Techniques—Middle/Secondary (3 credits)
EDU 447 Planning for Instruction and Assessment—Middle/Secondary (3 credits)
EDU 456 Student Teaching at the Middle School Level (10 credits)

Courses Required in the Content Disciplines
Select one area of study. Students must complete coursework as indicated and complete at least 50% at Fontbonne.

Social Studies (Minor in History):
HST 103 Introduction to Western Civilization I (3 credits)
HST 104 Introduction to Western Civilization II (3 credits)
HST 105 Introduction to American History I (3 credits)
HST 106 Introduction to American History II (3 credits)
HST 252 Methods of Teaching Social Studies (Secondary) (3 credits)
HST xxx American History Elective (3 credits)
HST xxx Non-American History Elective (3 credits)
HST xxx Non-American History Elective (3 credits)
GGY 100 Introduction to Geography (3 credits)
SSC 201 The American Economy (3 credits)
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)  

Mathematics (Minor in Mathematics for Educators):
MTH 105 College Algebra if needed (4 credits)           
MTH 108 Trigonometry, if needed (2 credits)
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)
MTH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4 credits)
MTH 300 Modeling and Numerical Approximation (3 credits)
MTH 302 Readings in the History of Mathematics (2 credits)
MTH 320 Elements of Geometry (3 credits)
MTH 330 Algebraic Structures (3 credits)
MTH 360 Teaching Mathematics Middle/Secondary (3 credits)

Language Arts (Minor in English):
ENG 240 Survey of English Literature I (3 credits)
ENG 241 Survey of English Literature II (3 credits)
ENG 260 American Literary Tradition to Whitman (3 credits)
ENG 261 American Literary Tradition since Whitman (3 credits)
ENG 303 History of the English Language (3 credits)
ENG xxx Writing Elective (3 credits)
ENG 386 Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools (3 credits)
EDU 240 Literature for Children and Adolescents (2 credits)

Science (Minor in Biological Sciences):
BIO 112 General Biology I w/lab (4 credits)
BIO 114 General Biology II/lab (4 credits)
BIO 207 Plant Biology w/lab (4 credits)
BIO 250 Microbiology w/lab (4 credits)
BIO 312 Genetics (3 credits)
BIO 318 Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits)
BIO 371 Teaching Science in Middle and Secondary Schools (2 credits)
PHY 108 Physical Science w/lab (3 credits)

Graduation Requirement:
Students must complete one course in religion. REL 225 World Religions is highly recommended.