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Food Management Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

Students interested in a career in food management, marketing, or promotion will find the addition of this minor to a major in such areas as advertising or business administration important in preparing for their professional career goals.

Food Management Minor - Required Courses:

Students choosing a minor in food management must take the following courses (see course descriptions for prerequisites) which include a supervised practicum experience:

FCS 214 Nutrition and Wellness (2 credits)

Introduction to basic nutrition concepts that relate to an individual’s health throughout the life cycle. Exploration of current issues in nutrition, health and safety. Not appropriate for dietetics majors. Online SP, Online SU as needed

FCS 221 Food Science Theory and Application/Lab (4 credits)

Study of the physical and chemical properties of food in relation to quality, safety, selection, preparation, and standards. Laboratory experiences, including the integration of computer applications, are integral to this course. FA

FCS 326 Quantity Food Production (3 credits)

Analysis and application of the principles, techniques and tools used in quantity food purchasing, storage, production, service, menu planning and recipe standardization.  Includes use of computers in food service operations. Course covers techniques necessary for successful cost control measures in food service purchasing. Course emphasizes a team approach to successful food service operations, while preparing students to handle management roles in a food service operation. Field observations and labs are integral to the course. Prerequisites for food management minors: FCS 214; FCS 221. FA

FCS 345 Food Systems and Dietetics Management (4 credits)

Study of food service operations, administration, and management with emphasis on human and material resource management, financial management of food service operations, layout and design of workspace and equipment and facilities, and use of computers in food service management. This course requires each student to complete ServSafe® training and successfully pass the ServSafe® exam. Prerequisites: BUS 230; FCS 236. SP

FCS 422 Cultural Competence through Food (3 credits)

The study of food patterns for different groups. Emphasis on diversity, cultural awareness, socio-economics, geography and technological factors affecting food patterns. Also integrated into the course are issues related to disability and food availability issues across the globe. Laboratory experience is integral to the course. Prerequisites for food management minors: FCS 214; FCS 221. FA

FCS 458 Food Systems Management Practicum (3 credits)

An individual field-based practicum experience focusing on the application of principles of business and foodservice management in institutional foodservice operations. Sites used include nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and commercial foodservice operations. This course is geared to assist the student in understanding and applying management techniques in real world situations. Course requires each student to complete an independent project for use by site facility as an integral part of the course. Prerequisites: BUS 230; FCS 326, SP, SU

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