Where am I?

Health Education & Promotion Major

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education & Promotion will become the next generation of public health educators, analysts and advocates. These graduates, capable of understanding the complexities of health and its impact on the entire social system, will be prepared to teach others about this importance. These family life educators will educate the public, encourage healthy lifestyle changes, and enable individuals, families and communities to not only live longer, but to also enjoy a better quality of life and become more productive members of society.



Program Highlights

  • Growing societal need for health educators
  • Prepare to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential exam
  • One of only a few universities in Missouri to offer CHES preparation
  • Courses provide context for serving diverse audiences across the lifespan
  • Interdisciplinary approach to addressing health literacy and disparities
  • Focus on ethics

Partnership Organizations & Programs

  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • American Cancer Society
  • The National Kidney Foundation

Questions? Contact Admissions: (314) 889-1400 or (800) 205-5862 | fbyou@fontbonne.edu