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Performing Arts Degree


At Fontbonne, the spotlight is always on you. Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide a rich and broad background in the performing arts that puts you at center stage.

Our program offers a variety of performance opportunities, such as new plays and contemporary dramas, student-directed shows and performance cabarets. You’ll get to learn all aspects of “putting on the show” — from acting and directing to set building and stage managing. And all students take a basic core curriculum of speech, communication and theater classes along with specific courses in acting, direction, technical production and the analysis of dramatic literature.

Want to teach? Fontbonne is the only university in the St. Louis area that offers secondary teaching certification in speech and theater. Plus, we offer two professional concentrations in acting/directing and arts management that can help focus your major on a specific career.

Why Fontbonne?

Our students are the actors, lighting engineers, set designers and builders, technical directors, costume designers and publicity people who have tremendous input in the four to six department productions each year. It’s an exciting and fun way to get an education from a faculty that will prepare you for a life in the arts.

You also get to work side by side with professionals at Mustard Seed Theatre – a professional theatre company in residence at Fontbonne. You’ll get exposed to the St. Louis professional theater community by working alongside the people who do it for a living. These internships will provide you with real world experience in your field of interest, as well as networking opportunities.

All performing arts majors are eligible for scholarships and financial aid. Academic scholarships are awarded by faculty and based on student auditions and interviews. If you’re interested in continuing your education after earning your bachelor’s degree, Fontbonne now offers a master’s in theatre education.

What Can I Do With My Performing Arts Degree?

Performing arts is a liberal arts major that prepares graduates to be perceptive, excellent communicators and creative thinkers — skills that employers from both the arts and business world seek. Our graduates can pursue advanced degrees or training, enter the world of regional theater in promotion or management, teach and direct in schools, or play an active role in the local theater community — on and off the stage. Students can also work in television, radio, public relations, event planning and much more.

Our Commitment

Fontbonne University is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Through our curriculum, students learn essential critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. No matter what career path you choose, an education from Fontbonne will give you the tools to succeed in both work and life.

How Can I Find Out More?

Fill out a contact form to request more information about this degree.

Contact Admissions:
(314) 889-1400 or 1-800-205-5862

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