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Advertising Degree

If you’re interested in exploring your creative side and putting it to work in the marketplace, our advertising program could be the right fit for you.

Advertising is a form of communication that encompasses art, writing and the social sciences. Studying individuals and the way a society functions is crucial to success in this field. Tackling major campaigns and projects requires people who can think outside the box and often make quick, well-informed decisions.

Because the advertising field is so far-reaching, it should not surprise you that this degree is perfect for people with a variety of different interests. It’s the kind of career where you’ll be continually challenged to adapt, change and explore the latest trends.

Why Fontbonne?

Some advertising programs consist mostly of basic business or communication courses. At Fontbonne, we take a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing graphic design, marketing and research, and copy writing. We also incorporate courses in social psychology in our program.

Whether you land at an advertising agency or the marketing department of a company, your advertising degree will equip you with the skills and expertise to help your employer create a relationship with those "most likely to buy."

You'll learn from industry professionals in a supportive environment where your professors help you explore your interests and hone your skills. We also offer internships at large companies in St. Louis or at local ad agencies. You'll be able to meld classroom learning with practical experience before you graduate.

What can I do with my degree?

We not only show you how to sell your product but how to sell yourself. With the wide variety of skills you will learn through our program, having that edge above competitors will come naturally. Your degree and hands-on experiences can help you build a career as a copywriter, script writer, account executive, market research professional, layout artist, producer, and a variety of other options in the communications, marketing and public relations fields.

You'll understand how advertising firms function through both your internship experiences and the valuable lessons you'll learn in the classroom. In a field that is rapidly growing and becoming more and more competitive, the personal attention you'll get at Fontbonne will be exactly what you need to pursue the career you've always wanted.

Our Commitment

Fontbonne University is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Through our core curriculum, students learn how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. No matter what career path you choose, Fontbonne provides you the tools for success in both work and life.

How Can I Find Out More?

Request more information about this degree.

Contact Admissions:
(314) 889-1400 or 1-800-205-5862

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