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Dual Degree - Engineering Program

At Fontbonne, we want to help you maximize your college experience. You have the opportunity to earn a bachelor of science degree in any major and in engineering in just five years.

Through Fontbonne’s partnerships with University of Missouri-Kansas City and Washington University in St. Louis, you may apply to the engineering school of your choice during your junior year, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Fontbonne and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from either the University of Missouri-Kansas City or Washington University, St. Louis.

Students usually follow either a 3-2 or a 4-2 plan, entering the engineering program after their junior or senior years. Students go on to complete four semesters of concentrated engineering study at the School of Computing and Engineering at University of Missouri-Kansas city or the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University. Each school retains its own tuition rates and separate financial aid packages.

What are the Benefits of the Dual Degree Engineering Program?

  • Take advantage of Fontbonne’s small class sizes with lots of personal attention before embarking on your engineering courses at a much larger university.
  • Get a solid foundation in Fontbonne’s rigorous undergraduate curriculum.
  • Earn two different undergraduate degrees.
  • Attend a well-respected university to earn your engineering degree.
  • Enjoy the same internship possibilities as any other undergraduate student in your major. (See the webpage for your undergraduate major.)
  • Maintain your relationship with the knowledgeable faculty at Fontbonne while you continue on into your engineering courses at the larger university; these faculty will serve as supportive advisors and mentors throughout your education. 
  • Reap all of the benefits and resources of both universities. You have the same options as any University of Missouri-Kansas City or Washing University undergraduate engineering student. Opportunities include:
    • Professional and applied science degrees
    • Internships
    • Cooperative education positions
    • graduate and professional joint degrees

What are Recent Dual Degree Graduates Doing?

  • Engineer, Outage Manager at Experitec, Inc.
  • Engineer, CRB Consulting Engineers
  • Engineer, Boeing Corporation
  • Biomedical Engineering Researcher, Washington University

The dual degree program is dedicated to producing engineers who possess a quality technical education coupled with strong communication and problem-solving skills.



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