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Mathematics for Educators Minor

This minor provides any educator with a solid practical background in mathematics. It is intended for middle school educators who plan to teach mathematics in the middle school. Learn more about our Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education.

Requirements for the Minor in Mathematics for Educators (24 credits)
MTH 110 PreCalculus (3 credits) (if needed)
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)
MTH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4 credits)
MTH 300 Modeling and Numerical Approximation (3 credits)
MTH 305 Readings in the History of Mathematics (2)
MTH 320 Elements of Geometry (3 credits)
MTH 360 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle/Secondary Schools (3 credits)
MTH 430 Algebraic Structures (3 credits)