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Social Work Student Profiles


I chose social work as my profession because I’ve always had a desire to help others. From a young age I could see various injustices in the world. I’ve always known I would only be content with pursuing a career where I would be working every day towards making a difference.

I have had experience in volunteering at the Gerald food pantry, volunteering for United Church of Christ, and am currently interning at Grace’s Place Crisis Nursery. After I graduate in December with my BSW I will obtain my MSW. Afterwards, I plan to work with or advocate for abused or neglected children, with a special interest in adoption.



Currently, I work with Tamitha Price at the NASW-MO Chapter. The organization helps social workers across Missouri with things like ethical dilemmas and legal matters such as having their clients’ records subpoenaed.

We also host Advocacy Day in February where social work students from universities across Missouri come to learn how their legislation works especially regarding social welfare issues. Fontbonne social work students attend this event also and are some of the most well prepared students coming to the event. The students participating also have an opportunity to meet and talk with senators and representatives in Missouri.

Outside my NASW-MO internship, I am involved with the St. Louis Anti-Heroin Rally, where we are currently lobbying for HB 1516 (the 911 Good Samaritan Law) in the Missouri House which, in essence, states that if people are using drugs and someone overdoses, do not run, call 911 and wait for help to arrive. No questions will be asked. Many users are afraid of being arrested so they run away and leave an overdose victim to die. This bill may save many lives. Our group was able to get this bill through the Missouri House last year but the legislative session ended. We are trying to get some Missouri senators behind us this year. We rallied on the Capitol steps last March and hope to do so again this year.



My greatest blessings call me mother but to some I am known as a survivor, friend, advocate, sister or student. I have a passion for advocating for victims of rape and sexual assault as well as oppressed populations that cannot speak for themselves and for these reasons I feel as if social work chose me. I love Fontbonne's Social Work program and I would recommend it anyone who is thinking about pursuing a social work degree.



I was born and raised in the Saint Louis area and graduated from Kirkwood High. I chose the social work field because I think I have always wanted to help people better themselves and social work allows me the opportunity to do that in so many ways.

As of right now I am undecided on what field of social work I would like to work in. However, I do plan on getting my MSW and I would also like to also get a masters in non-profit management.

I am a member of the Phi Alpha and a student member of NASW. I am also involved on the Fontbonne campus. I am on Student Government and a member of and former President of Students for the Enhancement of Cultural Awareness (SECA). For fun I like to read, travel, and mentor my Little who I have been mentoring for the past 2.5 years through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.



I chose social work after switching my major from teaching after noticing that so many children in our community are lacking something at home, as well as countless of volunteer hours in my community as a cheerleading coach. I was tired of people telling children NO they couldn't cheer because of disabilities, or NO they couldn't play football because their parents didn't have enough money to pay and seeing that often times, parents are so busy that children often get brushed aside. I feel no child should be denied any opportunity in this world to play sports, have education and to be a child. They are the smallest of voices, but the largest of our future!



I choose social work because it uses the biopsychosocial approach. I have worked as a teacher assistant at Ladue School District and Webster Groves. I volunteer at St. Louis ARC serving children and young adults. My future plans in social work include working with children and families and possibly some aspect of counseling.




I believe that all humans have an inner strength to overcome personal obstacles. Sometimes people might need a little guidance, encouragement, education or the resources to get them on track to be their best. Being a professional social worker will allow me to work with those that need a little push in the right direction or to be the voice for those that have none. I want to give to others what many wise men and women have given to me throughout my life…a chance. I feel blessed to be a change agent.



My name is Samantha. I was born and raised in rural Washington, MO. I switched from being an education major to a social work major my junior year as a result of volunteering and working at a crisis nursery as a house parent. I provided children with their most basic human needs. It was demanding and at times very difficult, but I felt like I was making a difference. I knew then I wanted to make this my career focus. I wish I had unlimited time and energy to do more volunteer work. I think I discover a new area of interest everyday, but that is the beauty of this major. In the future I would like to work in an environmental social work position. I don't know what that looks like yet, but I am passionate about people's rights to a clean, healthy environment.



I chose social work as my career path after switching my major from speech language pathology. Ever since, I was a young girl I have spent time in homeless shelters, community food drives, volunteered at Ronald Mcdonald House and helped women in battered situations. All of these opportunities have molded me in becoming a part of this career path. I strongly advocate for social justice and in promoting the well-being of others. Currently, I am a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, St. Catherine Laboure Food Patnry, Rainbow For Kids and working to become an advocate for thyroid disease.



Hi! My name is Brooke, and I'm a junior social work student at Fontbonne University. I chose social work after growing up in a rural community where substance abuse and domestic violence ran rampant. I knew I had unique perspective and empathy had always been a strong character trait of mine, so social work was a natural fit.

On campus, I serve as Vice President of the Social Work Club, am a Student Ambassador for the university, and am currently Assistant Editor for the school newspaper. I also work one-on-one with an autistic student here at Fontbonne. Off campus, I am a Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer and I stay involved with different domestic violence awareness events and volunteer opportunities. After graduation, I plan on continuing to get my MSW.



Currently, I volunteer by providing substance abuse and cultural studies education with Pure Stars, a non–profit organization established in St. Louis, MO in 2005 by founder Lisa Willis James. Pure Stars was founded to mentor and guide young girls through there transformation into young women.

The goal of Pure Stars is to provide positive, cultured and enjoyable extracurricular activities to build up their intellectual, physical and spiritual development in order to endure the difficulties young people encounter each day growing up in today’s society. Pure Stars core values are self empowerment, education, community service and celibacy.

Pure Stars are active in St. Louis City and County participating in athletics, community service, and Pure Stars purity ball, which celebrates their pledge and devotion to, spirituality, celibacy and self-love.

Monthly Meeting held in St Louis County Library 7606 Natural Bridge Rd. Saint Louis, MO. 63121



I was inspired to pursue social work after seeing the work my high school crisis counselor did. Ever since beginning my studies, my desire to work in this field has only increased. When people ask me why I chose this field, I tell them it’s because nothing else would make sense for me. And that is true: I can’t imagine not being in a field devoted to social change, advocacy, and direct service.

I am currently a junior at Fontbonne. I work with Behavior Intervention Services, helping individuals with developmental disabilities. My areas of interest are in autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, and mood disorders. After graduation I hope to volunteer as part of Americore and later gain my MSW.




There are many reasons I chose social work as a career field. I have always been very passionate about helping people overcome adversity. I believe people can and use their past as a means to better their future. I have a soft spot for the youth in our community. I'm an advocate of more programs and opportunities needed to keep the youth off the streets. Most people choose a career because of the salary or the title; I chose social work because nothing else suits me better. I’m going to love working, because I am truly passionate about what I do.

My future plans include a MSW, possibly a PhD, and a non-profit organization that benefits the youth in the community. More stock needs to be put into our young people, more reading programs, recreational centers, and overall opportunities. I want to be someone who gets that ball rolling, a change won’t happen overnight but it will happen.