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Student Profile: Lauren Budde

: Lauren Budde

Degree Program: Master of Business Administration

After completing her undergraduate studies in 2010, Lauren Budde experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to find a job in today’s market. Although she was fortunate enough to land a full-time position, it was not the job she’d hoped for. She knew she’d have to be proactive to give herself an edge over other job candidates if she wanted to start a fulfilling career that she enjoyed.

Budde decided to return to school to get a Masters in Business Administration. She needed a program that would allow her to maintain her full-time job while she was in school, so she looked into the Evening and Online programs at Fontbonne University.

"Fontbonne’s evening and online program gave me the flexibility to continue working and to continue my education," she said.

Once in the program, Budde was impressed with the depth of knowledge that not only the faculty displayed, but her fellow classmates as well.

"The faculty have real life experiences," she said. "They are the business people, the accountants, the lawyers. They relayed real-life experiences to us that offered a practical application of what we were learning in class, versus simply reading out of a textbook. Being in class with other professionals was a huge advantage as well. I learned a lot form hearing about their experiences."

Budde completed the MBA program in December 2011, in just a year and a half. And, she got the results she had hoped for.

"I would not have been offered my current job if I didn’t have an MBA," she said. "The degree gave me a huge advantage during the application process and a stable foundation from which to start. I am now on a better career path and in a job that I love."

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