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Student Profile: Chuck Nagelvoort

Name: Chuck Nagelvoort 

Degree Program: Master of Management

Chuck Nagelvoort decided to attend graduate school to better prepare for his primary career objective: managing a brokerage firm branch. In March 2012, he graduated from Fontbonne University with a Master of Management degree, and a better understanding of the corporate world, thanks to the relevant curriculum, experienced instructors and supportive classmates he found at Fontbonne.

While in the program, Nagelvoort was especially grateful for the connections he made with his professors. He felt they were knowledgeable and experienced professionals to whom he could relate.

"The most rewarding part of the program has been interacting with the instructors," Nagelvoort said. "They are excellent teachers and obviously care very much about my success, both as a student and as a business professional."

With his advanced degree, Nagelvoort is prepared to take the next step. He feels that the combination of his education and his 13 years of experience make him uniquely qualified to manage a group of financial professionals. 

"The classes, along with the instructors and students, have contributed greatly to my understanding of the larger corporate world and how things work. I am better prepared to take on the role of manager when it comes to me."

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