Where am I?

Types of Aid & Scholarships Available

Your financial aid package could contain a variety of scholarships, grants, work study, or loans, depending on your need and merit-based awards (See Eligibility for more information). Listed below is an overview of each type of financial aid program—be sure to click through the links on the right sidebar for additional information.

Institutional Aid and Scholarships

Institutional aid and scholarships are considered gift aid—meaning you do not have to pay them back—and come directly from Fontbonne.

As an incoming freshman or transfer student, our Admissions team will initially evaluate you for scholarships. The amount of your scholarship (if awarded) will not change during the semesters for which you have been given the award—provided you meet the GPA requirements.Your other institutional aid, however, can be affected by your financial circumstances and can change from year to year. Nonetheless, we strive to maintain consistency throughout your enrollment at Fontbonne.

State and Federal Grants

Like institutional aid, state and federal grants are also considered gift aid (except for one notable exception: the TEACH Grant, which converts to an unsubsidized loan if the requirements are not fulfilled).

Work Study

Work study is earned aid (also called "self-help"), meaning that if you are awarded funding, you will only receive the money if you work your allotted hours.

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are awarded through third-party sources, including businesses and non-profits. Each outside scholarship generally requires its own separate application and other requirements.  Click here to view more information on how to apply for some of these scholarship opportunities.

Loans and Financing Options

Loans include Federal Direct (Stafford) loans, alternative loans, and Parent PLUS loans. They are borrowed money, and will require repayment with interest.

SallieMae TuitionPay Plan: In addition to loans, Fontbonne offers the SallieMae TuitionPay plan, an interest-free, monthly payment plan. For additional information, please visit the SallieMae TuitionPay plan site.