Where am I?

Outside Scholarships Search Tips

Ok I’m ready. Show me the money!

Let’s start first with general principles of scholarship searching, and then we’ll give you some specific websites.

1. Seek High and Low. It’s important to apply for both national and local scholarships. National scholarships are best found using online search engines and directories, but it takes more effort to find local opportunities. Don’t make the extra steps in finding local scholarships a reason to not include them—keep in mind that if you had to make the extra effort , how many other students do you think are doing the same thing? The harder it is to find a scholarship, the greater the likelihood that there are fewer applicants competing.

2. Don’t Disregard Future Scholarships. Find a scholarship with a deadline that’s already passed? Is the scholarship for seniors only, but you’re a sophomore? Add these scholarships to your Search Tracker (you did make one, didn’t you?) so that you can apply when the time is right.

3. Get the Word Out. If you belong to clubs or organizations (if you don’t—find at least one to join, stat), let the leader know you are interested in scholarship opportunities. Also ask your parents to check with the groups they are affiliated with and their employers as well.