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Graduate Student Profiles

Name: Sarah Cannon

Degree: Master of Arts in Theatre

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “My Fontbonne classes have made me a better director, actor, playwright and teacher. I have been given the opportunity to improve the theatre skills I excel in as well as challenge myself with new techniques. I’ve learned a lot.”

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Name: Kelley Eversgerd

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Teaching, Family and Consumer Science

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “Fontbonne instilled in me the importance of being a lifelong learner.  I will continue to take classes, participate in professional development and be a reflective practitioner for the rest of my life no matter where my career takes me.”

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Name: Sharon Gibson-Bly

Degree: Master of Arts with a focus in Painting

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “The faculty at Fontbonne is amazing. Not only do they have the passion and knowledge to teach, but they have the drive to continue researching and developing their own work, too. When faculty continue their own education, they pass that knowledge to their students, and that ensures we receive the most current information.”

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Name: Scott Hingle

Degree Program: Master of Science in Computer Education (currently Learning Technologies)

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “Fontbonne’s computer education program can be completed entirely online, which was great for me because I was able to maintain my schedule. All of the technology that I learned has improved the quality of my teaching, and my students are more engaged. Before my Fontbonne education, I was reluctant to use technology in my classroom. Now, I look forward to it.”

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Name: Monique Hite

Degree: Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Special Education

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “As an undergraduate alumna, coming back to Fontbonne for graduate school was an easy decision. I enjoy and thrive in the close-knit community that few other schools offer, and those involved in the special education program were no exception. My professors were reachable, understanding and accommodating. When I didn’t think I could make it, they were there to see me through.”

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Name: Lisa Inch

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Early Intervention in Deaf Education

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “The faculty understood the demands of earning a degree, having a family and a working at the same time. They always made sure I had access to any information I needed for my studies and made themselves available to talk outside of class. I felt like they truly wanted me to apply what I learned. I love what I do, and I’m very happy.”

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Name: Rebecca Jones

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Education: Reading

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “I initially thought an online program would include a lot of self-teaching and little assistance from professors. This is not the case at Fontbonne. Despite the online format, my professors always provided prompt feedback, offered encouragement and supported me in any way they could to ensure my success.”

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Name: Shannon Lynch

Degree Program: Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “I have a successful career – one that I love. I had trouble finding the career that was right for me, but now I have never felt more gratified with my work or more fulfilled in spirit. I am very happy.”

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Name: Julie Mohan

Degree: Master of Arts in Education

Thoughts about Fontbonne: "My professors knew me personally, and they wanted to help me be successful. Also, the curriculum was right on target. I still refer back to the concepts I learned in the program to help in my classroom today."

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Name: Gaby Naus 

Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching 

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “The faculty really gave me a sense of what it would be like to teach my own class, even before I set foot in a classroom. When I started my job, I was confident I would succeed. I always recommend Fontbonne to my colleagues who are considering a master’s degree.”

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Name: Kelly Nava

Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching – Speech and Theatre

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “The faculty were quite brilliant. They conveyed information in a learnable fashion and always encouraged the students to come up with their own organic and creative ideas.”

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Name: Trish Schodrowski

Degree: Master of Arts in Human Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “I like that Fontbonne University is a smaller school. The students get to know each other and the faculty very well. And, the faculty is very knowledgeable. Each professor brings a ton of experience to the classroom, so subjects that would otherwise be challenging (like statistics!) were fun and interactive. They even helped me see how toapply the concepts outside of the classroom.”

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Name: Tina Schultz

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Teaching

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “Fontbonne provides such a close community. I have formed relationships here that will be beneficial throughout my professional teaching career. And the faculty goes above and beyond to ensure their information is current, their students are happy and successful, and their programs turn out highly skilled educators. There is a real sense that everyone is working toward a shared goal and that each person is an integral part of that team.”

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Name: John Viser

Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching – Special Education, Paraprofessional Pathways SM

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “I am proud of my degree, my school and my students. The insight I gained while enrolled at Fontbonne has helped me tremendously in the classroom and generally in my career.”

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Name: Deborah Williams

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Human Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Child and Family Studies

Thoughts about Fontbonne: “I feel very confident that Fontbonne has armed me with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to effectively help families and children in need.”

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