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Conditional Admission

Fontbonne University recognizes the challenges non-native English speakers face when considering becoming an undergraduate student in the United States. Thats why we created a unique conditional admission program, a transitional program that blends together ESL (English as a Second Language) classes with academic courses until the student is prepared to enroll as a full-time undergraduate students.

  • Low - intermediate English
  • Combination of ESL classes AND academic courses
  • No TOEFL or IELTS required
  • Support classes to help with homework and improving certain language abilities are offered




  • Students without a TOEFL score, or a TOEFL score below 500pbt/65ibt, may apply for conditional admission by completing the International Student Application for Undergraduate Study. 
  • Students without a TOEFL will be required to take the Fontbonne University institutional English placement test (compass) before the start of classes.
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Students (SACM): Undergraduate scholarship students must have a 5.5 IELTS to be considered for unconditional undergraduate admission, SACM students possesing a lower score may ONLY apply for Intensive English Program with the opportunity to apply for a conditional letter of acceptance to the program of their choice once the IEP program has started.



Important Details

  • Compass test minimum score required to move or skip levels.
  • Students may take Compass test anytime to attempt a level change.
  • Undergraduate scholarships fully apply for conditional admission students.



Program Structure

Level Courses Language Equivalency
1 ESL only Compass ESL test 219 or lower
2 1 academic class + 3 developmental ESL courses Compass ESL test 220-230
3 2 academic classes + 2 developmental ESL courses Compass ESL test 231-245
4 3 academic classes + 1 developmental ESL course Compass ESL test 246-259
Full-Time Full-time undergraduate Compass ESL test 260+


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