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This information is for students who have been awarded Work-Study funding on their financial aid award letters for the 2012-2013 school year. If a student has not been awarded Work-Study through the Financial Aid Office, he or she is not eligible to participate in the Work-Study program. If a student would like to be placed on the Work-Study waitlist, please contact the appropriate financial aid counselor.

Job Descriptions – This is a listing of jobs available through the Work-Study program.

Awarded Hours – This chart shows approximately how many hours a student must work in order to earn their awarded Work-Study amount.

Confidentiality Policies Form – This form must be completed by new students in the Work-Study program to ensure that any information encountered while working through the Work-Study program remains confidential.

I-9 – This form must be completed by new students in the Work-Study program and is used to verify a student’s identity and employment authorization. In addition to the I-9 form, a student must also present their ORIGINAL Driver’s License and Social Security Card (or other acceptable documents as outlined on the I-9) to the Financial Aid Office. Photocopies of these documents are not acceptable.

Payroll Schedule – This document outlines the Work-Study payroll schedule for the 2012-2013 school year. Students are paid once a month. If a balance is owed to the Business Office on payday, a student’s Work-Study funds will be applied directly to their student account to assist with the outstanding balance. For those students who do not owe a balance on payday, a refund will be deposited into their personal bank account within 14 business days after the established payday. Students are responsible for setting up a direct deposit account at

Work-Study W-2s – This form will be used for tax filing purposes. 2011 W-2s are now available through Ceridian’s “See My W-2” service. You may have seen a link for this under self-service where you go to view paystubs, but we discovered this link only goes to the administrator site. Please use the previous link to access the service. On the welcome page, click the "If you would like to register based on W2 document(s), click here" link. In the next window, Company Access Code is “063105”, then enter first name, last name, SSN, and your ZIP code and click “Submit.” In the last window, you will create a user ID and password. Upon successful validation, you should now be able to view and print your 2011 W-2.

W-4 –This form must be completed by new students in the Work-Study program and is used to withhold the correct federal income tax from a student’s pay. Returning Work-Study students only need to complete a new W-4 if they would like to update their information from the previous year. A student may or may not have to pay taxes during a pay cycle. The determining factor is the amount of earnings made within a pay cycle and the deductions which are claimed on the W-4 form. Tax withholdings are the responsibility of the student and are deducted from the total amount of Work-Study awarded. Therefore, if a student is taxed during a pay cycle and uses their Work-Study funds to pay their student account, the student will be responsible for paying the difference to Fontbonne University’s Business Office.

Student Worker Policy Manual – All new students are required to read this manual and submit the Statement of Understanding at the end of the policy manual. This manual includes general information regarding the Work-Study program along with the responsibilities a student assumes when participating in the Work-Study program.

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