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Mineral Area College Dietetics Major Agreement

  • Students who have graduated from a Missouri Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree and have completed the MO/GER 42 Block Requirements will have satisfied Fontbonne University General Education Requirements (42-Credit Hour Block).
  • Students who have not satisfied the MO/GER 42 Block Requirements must complete Fontbonne 42 Credit Hour of General Education Requirements that is listed on the next page. A course by course transcript evaluation will be performed.
  • Please note that some majors have specific General Education Requirements that meets both General Education and Major requirements. Additional General Education Requirements (GER) are listed on the next page.
  • A maximum of 64 credit hours may be transferred from East Central Community College. 

The following is a list of the required courses for the Dietetics Major Degree at Fontbonne University and the equivalent courses offered at Mineral Area College.

Major:  Dietetics
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science

Major Requirements



BUS 2100 Fundamentals of Management

BUS 230 Management Principles

BIO 2540 Human Anatomy & Physiology

BIO 220 Anatomy & Physiology I

PHS 1350 General Chemistry I  (GER/MAJOR)

CHM 106 General Chemistry I (GER/MAJOR)                   

PHS 1390 General Chemistry II  (GER/MAJOR)    

CHM 108 General Chemistry II

PHS 2350 Organic Chemistry I

CHM 210 Organic Chemistry I

MAT 1230  College Algebra  (GER/MAJOR)   

MTH 105 College Algebra  (GER/MAJOR)     

PSY 1130 General Psychology I  (GER/MAJOR)                  

PSY 100 General Psychology (GER/MAJOR)     

OR  PSY 1140 General Psychology II  (GER/MAJOR)        


OR  PSY 1250 Human Growth & Development (GER/MAJOR)

OR PSY 200 Developmental Psychology  (GER/MAJOR)

BIO 2700 Microbiology  (GER/MAJOR)

BIO 250 Microbiology w/Lab (GER/MAJOR)

*This course is being grandfathered until FA2011.