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Symposium Schedule

Collective Memory in St. Louis: Recollection, Forgetting and the Common Good

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - on the campus of Fontbonne University

5:30-7:00 pm Memory and the Religious Imagination - in the President's Reception Room, East Building

  • Cordell P. Schulten, Fontbonne University - “The End of Memory: Does Volf Have it Right?”
  • Carla Mae Streeter, OP; Aquinas Institute of Theology - “The Place of Imagination in the Religiously Differentiated Consciousness”
  • Jill Raitt, Fontbonne University - “The Fields and Vast Palaces of Memory”

Moderated by Brian Robinette (Saint Louis University Theology)

M. Shawn Copeland, Ph.D.

M. Shawn Copeland, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Theology Department at Boston College. Her research interests converge around issues of theological and philosophical anthropology and political theology as well as African and African-derived religious and cultural experience and African American intellectual history.

Dr. Copeland has taught at Marquette University and Yale University Divinity School. She also serves as adjunct associate professor of systematic theology at the Institute for Black Catholic Studies, Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans. She has lectured extensively in the United States as well as in Australia, Belgium, Canada, and Nigeria.

Dr. Copeland is the Past Convener of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium (BCTS) and a former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) and the recipient of Barry University’s Yves Congar Award for Excellence in Theology.

A prolific writer, Professor Copeland’s most recent book is Enfleshing Freedom: Body, Race and Being.

7:30-9:00 pm Keynote Presentation: "Memory and the Other" -  in the Lewis Room, Library
    •    M. Shawn Copeland, Ph.D., Boston College

Introduction by Randy Rosenberg, Fontbonne University


Friday, October 22, 2010 - at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park

8:30 am Continental Breakfast - in ATT Room

8:45 am Welcome by Randy Rosenberg - in the ATT Room

9:00-10:30 am Public Space and the Problem of Solidarity - in the Millstone Room

    •    Kate Boudreau, Saint Louis University - “Fairgrounds Park: Foregrounding St. Louis’ Inequities”
    •    Michael Allen, Preservation Research Office - “Making Parks in the Central City: The Evolution of the Gateway Mall”
    •    William Rehg, SJ, Saint Louis University - “Memory and the Problem of Solidarity: How Can Cities Foster Allegiance?”

Moderated by Mary Beth Gallagher (Fontbonne University)

9:00-10:30 am Remembering the Bosnian Genocide - in the ATT Room

  • Benjamin Moore, Fontbonne University - “The Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University”
  • Megan Myers, Fontbonne University - “Recovering Pluralism: A Bosniak-Serb Family in Saint Louis”
  • Jack Luzkow, Fontbonne University - "Relativizing History and Evil: Bosnia and the Invention of the Past"

Moderated by Genevieve Robinson, OSB (Fontbonne University)

10:30 am Coffee Break - in the ATT Room

10:45-12:15 pm Visual Culture, Memory, and Identity - in the ATT Room

    •    Adam Kloppe, Saint Louis University - “A Spectacle for the Eyes and Mind: The Photographs and Speeches of the Congress of Arts and Sciences, World’s Fair, 1904”
    •    Greg Ott, Fontbonne University - “Sorting Out the Detritus: Cindy Tower and the Discontiguous Sites of Art and Appreciation”
    •    Kris Runberg Smith, Lindenwood University - “St. Mark’s Windows: Reflections on 1930s Politics and Theology”
Moderated by Angie Dietz (Missouri History Museum)

10:45-12:15 pm Nineteenth Century Saint Louis - in the Millstone Room

    •    Kristen Anderson, Webster University - “We Bear No Hatred and No Bitterness Toward Our Former Foes: St. Louis Germans and the Memory of the Civil War”
    •    Kenneth Parker, Saint Louis University - “Archbishop Peter Kenrick and Collective Forgetfulness: Why a Leader at the First Vatican Council Faded from Local Memory”
    •    John J. Han, Missouri Baptist University - “Nineteenth-Century Saint Louis in Mark Twain’s Works”
Moderated by Thomas Finan (Saint Louis University, History)

12:15 pm Lunch - Lunch is on your own. See orange page in packet for nearby restaurant options.

2:30-4:00 pm Riots in Saint Louis - in the ATT Room

    •    Luke Ritter, Saint Louis University - “American Vigilantes and Irish Gangs in St. Louis: The Know-Nothing Riot of 1854”
    •    Lou Robinson, Saint Louis University - “Forgetting to Remember: Memory and Commemoration of the East St. Louis Race Riot of July 2, 1917”
    •    Jeffrey T. Manuel and Samanthe Braswell, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville - “The 1917 East Saint Louis Riot in Historical Memory”
Moderated by Harper Barnes (Author of Never Been a Time: The 1917 Race Riot That Sparked the Civil Rights Movement)

2:30-4:00 pm Educating for the Common Good - in the Millstone Room

    •    Janine Duncan, Fontbonne University - “An Anamnetic Search for the Common Good: The Role of Human Environmental Sciences”
    •    Kristi Roberts, Saint Louis University - “Planting the Seed: Environmental Education and the Partnership Programs of the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Public Schools, 1976-1979”
    •    Janet G. Davis, The Union Institute & University - “Vashon High School: The Legacy of the Vashons”
Moderated by Joyce Johnson (Fontbonne University)

4:00 pm Break
 Memory Symposium participants are free to browse the history museum until we resume at 5:30 PM back at Fontbonne University.

Friday evening, October 22, 2010 - at Fontbonne University

5:30 pm Enjoy a glass of wine or beer at our  Social - in the DSAC Caf (Fontbonne Univeristy)

Two free tickets for registered symposium participants

6:00 pm Symposium Banquet - in the DSAC Caf


Robert Archibald, Ph.D.


Robert R. Archibald, Ph.D., has served as president of the Missouri Historical Society since 1988. Dr. Archibald was director of the Montana Historical Society from 1979 to 1988.


Dr. Archibald has written numerous scholarly and popular articles on history and museum work and delivered talks to a variety of professional organizations. He served for two years as president of the American Association for State and Local History and was recently elected to serve on the Board of the American Association of Museums.


In addition to his activities in the fields of history and museum work, Dr. Archibald has interests in the concerns of his adopted city and region. As a part of St. Louis 2004, headed by former U.S. Senator John C. Danforth, Dr. Archibald is chair of the Taskforce on Culture.


7:00 pm Keynote Presentation: "A People's Memory: History in the Community" -  in the DSAC Caf

    •    Robert Archibald, Ph.D., Missouri Historical Society

Introduction by Dennis Golden, President, Fontbonne University

Saturday, October 23, 2010 - on the campus of Fontbonne University

9:00-10:30 am Urban Museum Collaborative Roundtable - “Discovering Untold Stories: Touchstones to a Changing Landscape” - in the Board Room, Library

    •    Barbara Decker, Museum Consultant and project Director for the Urban Museum Collaborative
    •    Lois Conley, The Griot Museum of Black History
    •    Barbara Faupel, Eugene Field House Museum
    •    Andrew Hahn, Campbell House Museum
Moderated by Caitlin McQuade

10:30 am Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 pm Abolition, Civil Rights, and the Biography - in the Board Room, Library

    •    Valerie Pates, Eugene Field House - “The Forgotten Abolitionist: Interpreting the History of Roswell Field and the Dred Scott Case”
    •    Eric Noll, Washington University in Saint Louis - “David vs. Goliath: Percy Green and the Triumph Over McDonnell-Douglas"”
    •    Daniel Graff, University of Notre Dame - “Lovejoy’s Legacies: Race, Religion, and Freedom in St. Louis Memory”
Moderated by Heather Norton (Fontbonne University)

12:15 pm Lunch - Box lunches are provided for symposium participants

1:00-2:15 pm Poetry and Memory: A Reading - in the President's Reception Room, East Building

    •    Jason Sommer, Fontbonne University
Moderated by Corinne Taff (Fontbonne University)

1:00-2:15 pm The Ethnic Church in Saint Louis - in the Board Room, Library

    •    Jose M. Santiago, OP, Aquinas Institute of Theology “The Oral History of Catholic Latino Ministry in the St. Louis Archdiocese and its Implications for Contemporary Developments”
    •    Henry Brownlee, Boeing - “Race, Religion, and Real-Estate: African-American Church Histories as Memorials”
    •    Jasna Meyer McCarthy and Patrick McCarthy, Fontbonne University and Saint Louis University - “Creating Croatian Identity in Saint Louis from Collective Memory, Past and Present”
Moderated by Javier Orozco (Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis)

2:15 pm Break

2:30-4:00 pm Memory and the Built Environment in Saint Louis - in the Board Room, Library

    •    Gregory Taylor, Fontbonne University - “Forgotten Monuments: Excavating a Corporate Past”
    •    Christina Mathena Carlson, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville - “At the Intersection of History and Life: City Museum as Space for Historical Preservation and Urban Renewal”
    •    Frederick A. Hodes, Independent Scholar - “St. Louis Streets and Their Witness to the City’s Past”
Moderated by Jody Sowell (Missouri History Museum)

Many thanks to the

Fontbonne Community Connection

whose support made this symposium possible.

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The Memory Symposium is jointly sponsored by Fontbonne University and the Missouri History Museum, with support from the Fontbonne Community Connection.



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