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Memory Symposium

October 21 -  October 23, 2010

The planning committee of Fontbonne University's conference, "Collective Memory in St. Louis: Recollection, Forgetting, and the Common Good," would like to congratulate Dr. Daniel Graff of the University of Notre Dame on his Best Paper award.
Dr. Graff's paper, "Lovejoy's Legacies: Race, Religion, and Freedom in St. Louis (and American) Memory," is now published and available here:


We thank the Missouri History Museum for their generous collaboration.

Randall Rosenberg, Ph.D.


Collective Memory in St. Louis: Recollection, Forgetting and the Common Good

Thursday, October 21 - Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fontbonne University, a Catholic institution of higher learning sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, in its ongoing commitments to advancing historical remembrance, critical reflection and moral resolve and to promoting dialogue among diverse communities, announces an interdisciplinary symposium on the uses of collective memory in St. Louis.

How do local, national, and transnational institutions deploy memory and forgetting to form and reform local identities and cultures? What types of recollection are privileged? How do race, religion, gender, class, immigration status, etc. mediate these recollections? How are memories implicated in decisions about the political, cultural, and economic landscape of St. Louis? How is memory an element of social responsibility or marginalization? How might alternative memories promote the flourishing of the common good?

This conference is interdisciplinary and encourages connections among academic disciplines, including cultural studies, theology, urban studies, literature, history, architecture, religion, philosophy, fine arts, social science, law, psychology, political science, and others.

Symposium Highlights

  • The symposium's first panel begins at 5:30 pm on Thursday evening, October 21, followed by the keynote address by Dr. Shawn Copeland, PhD (Theology, Boston College).
  • Interdisciplinary paper presentations related to collective memory and the common good continue through Saturday at the Missouri History Museum and Fontbonne University. See Symposium Schedule for details.
  • On Friday night, Robert Archibald, PhD, (President, Missouri Historical Society) presents the second keynote address at 7:00 pm, following our symposium social and banquet.

Contact Us

Call (314) 719-3554 or e-mail fbmemorystl@gmail.com

Coordinating Committee:

  • Ben Moore, Ph.D., English and Communication
  • Randy Rosenberg, Ph.D., History, Philosophy and Religion
  • Corinne Taff, M.A., M.F.A., Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Mary Beth Gallagher, Ph.D., Mission Integration
  • Jasna Meyer, Ph.D., English and Communication
  • Patrick McCarthy, M.S., M.A., Medical Center Library, Saint Louis University
  • Jamie Wagman, M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies