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Author Shares Stories of Famous St. Louisans

Local historian Kevin Amsler will share the stories of famous St. Louisans at the June Fontbonne University/KMOX Radio Book Club to be held Fri., June 23, at noon at the Bellefontaine Cemetery office (right inside the entrance) in North St. Louis. Amsler will discuss his book, "Final Resting Place:  The Lives and Deaths of Famous St. Louisans," and answer questions from the audience. During the talk, Amsler and attendees will visit the graves of such notable locals as James Eads, William Clark, Susan Blow and others.

The event is free but reservations are required. Call 314-444-1827, leave your name and phone number and reference the June book club to reserve a spot today.

From Dred Scott and William Sherman to Betty Grable and T.S. Eliot, Amsler provides short biographies of famous folks and their final resting places, according to Virginia Publishing. The book includes descriptions of area cemeteries and a chart showing "six degrees of historical separation" linking William Clark and Auguste Chouteau to many other well-known locals. Amsler's book also discusses duels on "Bloody Island," the plane crash that killed a St. Louis mayor and the elaborate funerals of the Busch brewery family.

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