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History Professor Examines Relevancy of Marxism Today in New Book

A history professor at Fontbonne University examines the history and current relevancy of Marxism in his new book "What's Left? Marxism, Utopianism and the Revolt against History" - published by University Press of America in Lanham, Md.

According to the publisher, Jack Luzkow's book explores the writings of German philosopher and socialist Karl Marx who studied the tensions between the laws of socialist science and a utopian longing for socialism; between a science of history and a prophetic hope based on moral and ethical ideals. Marx's writings examined history and argued for the necessity of communism to achieve the moral ideal of utopia.

"What's Left? Marxism, Utopianism and the Revolt against History," explores what remains of the Marxist and Utopian Left after the death of totalitarian utopianism and authoritarian state socialism and how Marxism still provides a powerful critique of present day globalization.

Luzkow received is currently an associate professor of history at Fontbonne University. He has served on the editorial board of the National Social Science Journal and is the author of "The Revenge of History: A Critique of Francis Fukuyama," and a number of scholarly articles. Luzkow lives in Richmond Heights.