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Going Back to School is Possible, Especially With Support

posted January 23, 2009

St. Louis Woman Magazine / Special Focus Section

December, 2008

by Anne Shaw Heinrich

To stay competitive, working women are going back to school to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. Is it really possible to add school to a schedule already filled with deadlines, family needs and other commitments?

Many graduates of Fontbonne University OPTIONS say there are no limits to what you can do when you build a network of support from:

  • Friends and Family who will understand your new priorities, share your dreams and can pitch in with things like childcare and household tasks. These folks can be your biggest supporters and will likely benefit the most from your success!
  • College Admissions Representatives who are trained to give you all of the information needed to help you make an informed decision about which program will work for you and your professional goals.
  • Employers, Supervisors and Colleagues who recognize the direct benefits of the knowledge and skills you bring back to the office. Ask about tuition reimbursement and flexible work hours.
  • Instructors and Academic Advisors who are a great resource for guidance and input on coursework and how to make the most of your time as a student.
  • Classmates and Study Teams are an added perk of many adult-oriented programs. You can interact, network, form lasting relationships with, and learn from other working adults who are also earning their degrees!

Fontbonne OPTIONS is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of busy, working adults with convenient, practical and accelerated undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Since 1991, more than 3,600 adults have earned degrees through the OPTIONS program.

With its main campus located in Clayton, Fontbonne University has also established OPTIONS sites in North County, South County, Chesterfield, Downtown and Fenton. A new, adult learning center will open Brentwood in 2009.

For more information, call 314-863-2220 or visit

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