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Fontbonne Community Connection Grant Recipients

ST. LOUIS - The Fontbonne Community Connection, a women's giving circle at Fontbonne University, has announced its 2009 grants to staff, faculty, students and student organizations. The awardees will receive funding for their planned projects:

Materials for Social Work
Sharon McCaslin, Faculty
Department: Library

With the development of Fontbonne's new social work program, the library hopes to improve and increase its collections of social work materials (books and DVDs) and prepare them for the use of faculty, staff and students.

"Fires in the Mirror" tours St. Louis
Deanna Jent, Faculty
Department: Fine Arts

Mustard Seed Theatre will produce "Fires in the Mirror" in January 2010 - a play that explores racial tension between Jews and African-Americans. The fine arts department plans to take this production to eight different locations in St. Louis (schools, community centers, etc.) to facilitate dialogue about diversity and respect.

"The Font" Digitization Project
Sr. Jane Hassett, Staff
Department: Archives

The original Fontbonne campus newspaper, "The Font," is an important historical resource. The university archives contain issues of the newspaper dating back to 1927 - irreplaceable sources of information that have been neglected for years. Sr. Jane Hasset, the university archivist, plans to have each issue digitized to have it on file for years to come.

Belize Service Trip
Tony Mravle, Staff
Department: Campus Ministry

Campus ministry plans to continue building relationships with communities in Belize. The department's goal is to build libraries in rural Mayan villages for the books collected on campus in fall 2008.

Fontbonne Connects with Diverse Worlds
Mary Abkemeier, Faculty
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

The department of mathematics and computer science plans to provide an Internet-based, three-dimensional, educational environment for Fontbonne students, employees and alumni in which they can experience diverse worlds not possible to explore on campus. The department intends to create a global setting in which Fontbonne can showcase its dedication to preparing competent individuals who live, work and act ethically in the 21st century.

Belize Outreach Project
Gene Schwarting, Faculty
Department: Education/Special Education

Fontbonne has been working with St. John's College and the Ministry of Education in Belize to identify and serve young children with special needs. The education department wishes to expand that effort through teacher training at St. John's and the University of Belize, and increase work in rural areas.

Preserving Our Heritage
Mary Beth Gallagher, Staff
Department: Mission Integration

Professional videographers will produce videotaped interviews of archive quality with Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet who have given their lives to make Fontbonne University what it is today. The videos will be used to portray to our Fontbonne faculty, staff, students, alums and donors the heritage of our sponsors, the CSJs.

Fontbonne Teaching Fellows Faculty Development
Joyce Johnson, Staff
Department: Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

This project is intended to assist Fontbonne University faculty members improve learning environments or teaching strategies. In a three-day workshop, faculty members will learn about contemporary instructional pedagogy, identify courses that might benefit from redesign, and begin reflection on potential changes. Over the following months they will make changes and then share the benefits of those changes through organized workshops.

Bosnia Memory Project
Benjamin Moore, Faculty
Department: English and Communication

St. Louis has the largest Bosnian refugee community in the world. The Bosnia Memory Project is dedicated to teaching students about their Bosnian neighbors and to establishing an enduring record of the Bosnian community. Students and faculty will collaborate with local Bosnians to collect artifacts, conduct interviews and host events.

Costa Rica Newborn Hearing and Early Intervention Project
Keenyn Rhodes, Student
Department: Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

The Costa Rica Newborn Hearing and Early Intervention Project is an exchange of information between students and professionals working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. By sharing "best practices" for maximizing education it will expand opportunities in both Costa Rica and the U.S. for these children.

Writers' Reading Series
Jason Sommer, Faculty
Department: English and Communication

The revival of Fontbonne's reading series will bring distinguished writers of national reputation to the Fontbonne campus.

CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs Conference
Carrie Wenberg, Staff
Department: Alumni Relations

Students involved with the Student Alumni Association will attend the Council for Advancement and Support of Education-sponsored Affiliated Student Advancement Programs Conference in August 2010. The president and vice president of SAA will travel to the conference along with an advisor.

National Juried Show: the Figure Redefined
Ellen Gochnour, Staff
Department: Fine Arts

The Fine Arts department plans to have a national juried show with a well-known juror and enticing prize money. Through this event, it will have the opportunity to receive revenue from submitted artwork that will subsequently enable an annual competition, putting Fontbonne on the map and enhancing the university's national reputation.

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