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Fontbonne Honors Professor's Leadership

SAINT LOUIS - Fontbonne University has honored Dr. Stephenie Paine-Saunders, assistant professor of biological and physical sciences, with the university's 2009 Jason Sommer Dedicated Semester Award.

Commemorating another influential Fontbonne professor, the award recognizes leadership in relation to the university's annual dedicated semester experience - an initiative encouraging the entire university to explore a single theme each fall semester. In 2008, the experience focused on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

"I was thrilled to be such an integral part of last year's dedicated semester experience," said Paine-Saunders. "The topic, speakers and events allowed our students, faculty and staff to more clearly understand - and now work toward - those goals for world change."

To commemorate the outstanding work done by Dr. Jason Sommer for the university's first dedicated semester on Judaism and Its Cultures in fall 2007, the Jason Sommer Dedicated Semester Award was commissioned to honor someone who has been integrally involved in the success of the previous dedicated semester.

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