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Study Confirms Best Investment is a College Degree

A new study, "Where is the Best Place to Invest $102,000 – in Stocks, Bonds, or a College Degree?," conducted by the Brookings Institute, compares where the best return on a $102,000 investment can be found. The results confirm that a college degree still offers the best lifetime value.  This is true, even in the midst of bad economic times and considering the time and expense to obtain a bachelor’s degree today.
The findings indicate that earning a bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an investment yielding a return of 15.2 percent per year, making it a much better investment than the stock market, bonds, gold, long-term treasury bills or owning your own home.

So while some argue whether a college degree is worth the expense, it’s important to keep in mind that someone with a degree has a significantly better chance of finding employment and earning a better salary when compared to someone with a high school diploma. And the benefit continues to pay off over a lifetime, especially as more employment opportunities become available and greater earnings accumulate.
The authors calculate that the difference in lifetime earnings between a college and high school graduate can be as much as $570,000, making the return on investment one of the best you can find.

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