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OΔK Honors Society Chartered

On Saturday, November 16, Fontbonne officially welcomed a new organization to the university. Omicron Delta Kappa, or OΔK, is a national leadership honor society newly chartered on Fontbonne’s campus. A total of 42 members, including a chartering committee of 14 and a general committee of 28, were inducted into the organization during two ceremonies Saturday.

Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes exceptional scholarship, leadership, and praiseworthy character, striving to bring together students from the following five areas of campus life: scholarship, athletics, campus or community service/social and religious activities/campus government, journalism/speech/mass media, and creative or performing arts.

Fontbonne President Dr. Dennis Golden gave the keynote address during the morning chartering ceremony. OΔK Executive Director Dr. Tara Singer gave the keynote address to the newly inducted general committee during the afternoon ceremony.

“OΔK allows students to develop leadership and professionalism, have an influence on the university, encourage campus organizations and future leaders, and leave a legacy as members of OΔK,” said junior Conner Lundius, vice president of Fontbonne’s chapter of OΔK.

Students at the junior or senior levels with a GPA in the top third of their class are eligible for membership, as are graduate students. To become an official member of OΔK, certain leadership requirements have to be met. Levels of involvement and leadership are then used as a rubric for accepting students into the organization.  

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