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Memorial Gifts

In memory of ...

Agnes Armstrong ‘61
  Bill† and Barbara Gutting ‘61 Hollenbeck

Marcia Duncan Brozene ‘73
   Maribell Heinz Knickerbocker ‘73 

Nancy Dunton ‘65
   Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association 

Virginia Kelahan ‘36
   Sharon Metz Hightower ‘71
   Thomas A. and Kathleen Kelahan
   Rita Schwager ‘72

Jacqueline M. Brisch McCullough ‘73
   Maribell Heinz Knickerbocker ‘73 

Coach Lee McKinney
   Terry Aebischer
   Marilyn K. Ahearn
   Danielle D. Alvarez ‘02
   Betty A. Amaro
   Mary Carol Anth ‘57
   Timothy M. Arnold
   John and Marilee Barry
   David and Angela Beier
   Susan K. Bitney
   Paul and Virginia Branson
   Freda D. Brown
   Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bush
   Jerry D. and Kay Bylo
   F.G. and Jacquelyn Chlipala
   Ronald G. and Robin Collier  
   Mr. Jimmy C. De Laet and Ms. Doris Reed-De Laet
   Carol and Paul Dillon
   Richmond and Frances Dillon
   William and Lynn Doelling
   Clarence and Karen Duvall
   Sally A. Elwaine
   Dr. Nancy English
   Bill Foster ‘88
   Jeffry and Carolyn Franz
   Everette J. and Daphne Green
   Jane “Mitch”ellette Hanneken ‘52
   James and Mo Hayes
   Richard and Denise Jackson
   James M. and Della Jenkins
   Janet Jones
   Larry and Maureen King
   Penny King
   Mark and Linda Kossmann
   Kevin Kraus
   Walter and Cheryl Lucas
   Joan M. Lukasik
   Denny† and Jane Marquart
   Douglas and Kathy Maupin
   Pete and Dena ‘92 McCaffrey
   Lyn M. McKinstry
   Margaret Miriani
   Bill and Vida Noel
   Charles D. and June Northcutt
   Gary L. Oltmann ‘97
   Ruth Orrick
   Melvin Pinkley
   The Principia Corporation
   Jules J. and Charlene Rapp
   Norman E. and Catherine Ritter
   William L. and Carol Ryther
   Rita Marie Schmitz CSJ ‘66
   Schneider Family Giving Fund
   Gene Schwarting, PhD and Kathleen Schwarting
   James P. and Elaine Scott
   Brent Spies
   Suzanne J. Standley
   Rachel C. Steinkiste
   Virgin and Melba Stephenson
   Matt and Shelly Tolliver
   Darryl G. Vazzi
   Dennis and Debbie Vazzi
   Steve and Lois Vazzi
   Robert and Cheryl Vorderer
   Jason Wagner
   Alan Wahl
   Bill ‘57 and Toni Walker
   Janice and David Wallace
   Sue Wallace ‘09
   Richard M. and Maxine Walsh
   Sarah H. Walsh ‘97
   Wayne F. Ward
   Jean and William Wasko
   James J. and Mary Wellinghoff
   Rod and Linda West
   Margaret Steinicke Wheeler ‘73
   Louise Wilkerson
   Denese and Gary L. Zack

 Norrine Gibbons McNamara ‘46
   Francis and Ruth O’Neill ‘52 Stroble 

Elizabeth Peplow, CSJ ‘65
   William and Tracey Causey ‘97, ‘07 Marshall 

Virginal C. Puetz
   Kathleen Coco ‘66
   Gale B. Rice
   Richard D. and Judith Schulz 

Helen Ravarino ‘42
   Ravarino Family Foundation

Eleanor (Ellie) Ann Jenkins Wright ‘82
   Karen S. Gedera ‘65

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