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Lyon Society

Lyon Society Benefactor

Barbara Atteln ’67
The Brooks Foundation
John and Mary Ann Capellupo
Kathy Conley Jones
George and Ann Luttrell ’63 Croal
Medard J. Dineen*
Mr. Dennis Donnelly and Ms. Rebecca A. McDermott ’83, ’88
Vernon and Kathy Eardley
Bonnie and L.B. Eckelkamp, Jr.
Daniel and Eleanor Halloran ’63 Ferry
Charles and June Gallagher
Michael and Karen DeGuire ’65 Gedera
Michael R. and Nancy Boos ’76 Georgen
Maurine Reiser Gerwig ’50
Dr. Dennis C. and Monica A. Golden
Jane Kehoe Hassett, CSJ
Joann Augsburger Jana ’74
Gary and Patricia Krosch
William and Tracey Causey ’97, ’07 Marshall
Jacqueline Post ’58 Miller
Michael and Eleanor Miller
Edward and Colette Crowley ’65 O’Brien
Jerry and Peggy Ritter
Claire Roach ’59
James and Carol Conway ’63 Spehr
Roger and Charlene Spiller
Francis and Ruth O’Neill ’52 Stroble
Anthony and Kim Thompson
Wolfgang* and Janie von Wolfseck
Jim and Mary Bruno ’68 Werle
Drs. Joyce Devine ’51 and Robert Woolsey

Lyon Society Patron
$5,000 - $9,999

Kathleen S. Barnes, CSJA
Julian and Eileen Carr
James and Karen Clark ’98 Castellano
Mary Ferguson ’65
Thomas and Kathleen Toohey ’65 Gunn
Alice E. Harper ’70
Sharon Jackson ’96
Joyce Starr Johnson, PhD
Darryl T. and Villajean M. ’94 Jones
Maribell Heinz Knickerbocker ’73
Kathy A. Murphy ’72 and Gerald W. Grindler
Lucy Nonnenkamp
Marcia Quint, CSJA
Daphne C. Ramirez ’37
Marilyn and Scott Sheperd
John* and Audrey* Naumann ’43 Steinfeld
Trudy B. and John D* Valentine Fund
Kenneth and Mary Jo Drager ’70 Voertman
Dr. John & Beverly Wagner
Jim and Doris Prag ’61 Wilson

Lyon Society Associate
$2,500 - $4,999

Bill and Mary Abkemeier
Kathleen Kenny Arenz ’69
Nancy and J. Tim Blattner
John and Mary Ann Capellupo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Caspari (DeDe Dallas ’66)
Louis and Marilyn Montileone ’61 Dell’Orco
Mr. and Mrs. William Erman
(Rosemary Fitzburgh ’57)
Dorothy Fleck ’69
George S. Graff
Frank Guyol, Jr.
William and Mary Grace Guyol
Leo and Nancy Haas
Lynne & Ed Higgins
Kraig and Sandy Kreikemeier
Sanford and Priscilla McDonnell
Joseph and Helen McGlynn
Gerald and Suzanne Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Noonan (Gabrielle Chadeayne ’80)
Joan Steffen O’Reilly ’51
Carl and Merlyn Price ’58 Schack
The Albert Schoendienst Charitable Giving Fund
Colleen Schoendienst ’73
Gene and Kathleen Schwarting
Joseph and Rosemary Shaughnessy

Lyon Society Member 
$1,000 - $2,499

Diane Medic Abernathy ’71
Mark M. Alexander
Tracy Alexander
Anonymous (3)
Mary Carol Anth, CSJ ’57
Richard and Violet Anth
Carroll Cunningham Baechle ’60
Paula Montie Bakula ’66
Marjorie Belknap ’43
Judith Baechle Benevento ’86
Carol Brouillette, CSJ ’57
Nina Kassing Bryans ’57
Patricia Bubash ’74
Linda M. Buhr, PhD
Anthony J. CPA ’92 and Chelly Caleca
Jeanne Leritz Callahan ’51
Donald and Patricia Carmody
Anthony and Dolores Chivetta
Christopher and Anne Chivetta
Matteo and Kathleen Atchity ’66 Coco
Kathy Conley Jones
Joseph B. Dierker
JoAnn C. Donovan ’72
Sue Kaiser Ebanues ’57
Rosalie Millman Efken ’56
Dr. Nancy English
Sherilyn Spiller Fahlstrom ’89
Joan Buxton Falk ’65
Mary Ferguson ’65
Phil and Kathy Fina
Ed and Maggie ’64 Gunn Fowler
Mark Franz
James and Kathleen Nestor ’75 Frey
Charles and June Gallagher
Mildred A. Galvin ’92
Nancy Sheehan Garvey ’79
Peter and Clare Genovese
Elizabeth Scheppler Glaser ’76
Richard Greenberg and Claire Schenk
Clay Grumke
Mary Lee “Britt” Gund ’63
James and Lee Hynek ’63 Gunn
Thomas and Kathleen Toohey ’65 Gunn
Alice E. Harper ’70
Sally Hight
Patrick and Mary Ann Palmisano ’62 Hogan
Rosejoan Kisling Holden ’45
Joann Augsburger Jana ’74
Theresa Jeevanjee, CSJA
Nancy Nabbefeld Jersa ’61
Gary and Carolyn Kuciejczyk ’64 Johnson
Mary Ann Kohoutek
Sieglinde Kurz ’61
Anita Buie Lamont ’69
Mr.* and Mrs. E. Desmond Lee
Joseph and Sandra Gurnsey ’71 Lehrer
Susan T. Lenihan ’75
Joseph and Joan Lipic
Pauline B. Marsh ’57
Dr. Lee McKinney and June McKinney
Connie Fiedler McManus ’52
Dr. and Mrs. John J. McNamara (Norrine Gibbons ’46)
Kathy Aboussie Miceli ’72
Joan Kilker Miller ’59
Mary Ellen Murphy ’63
Peggy and Jerry Musen
Joan McKinley Newman ’66
Joseph and Margaret Niemann
Jeremiah and Kathryn Lee Eames ’81 Nixon
Mary Catherine O’Gorman, CSJ ’54
Julia Roerkohl Okenfuss ’60
Chris and Antoinette Fabbio ’78 Pagano
Mary A. Peterson ’54
Stephanie F. Pope
Rosemary Mantia Quigley ’67
Peggy Ridlen
Hon. Eve M. Riley ’95
Carmen Russell, PhD
Anthony and Carol Sestric
Adolphine Brungardt Shaw ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Shaw
Susan and Tom Shepperd
Patricia Marsh Sinner ’63
James and Carol Conway ’63 Spehr
Mary ’66 and Tom Sutkus
Greg F. Taylor
Nannie Turner-Banks ’75
Lawrence and Patricia Reddan ’58 Van Rhein
Carol Kuehn Voss ’69
Claudia Scholten Walkenbach ’73
Sue Wallace ’09
Rev. Joseph A. Weber, Jr.
Heather and Richard Whipple
Jennifer Q. Williams
Jim and Doris Prag ’61 Wilson
Randi and Jim Wilson
Kathryn A. Winter ’89
Denese and Gary Zack
Janet Gerken Zell ’57
Marie Sansone Zucchero ’42
David and Carolyn Carroll ’60 Zwart

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